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The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo

A Tribute to the Visual Art of Filmmaking will comprise screenings of films based on their illumination of the visual art forms in filmmaking, such as cinematography, art design, set and costume design, and will also feature a Student Short Film Competition, the Independent Short Film Competition, the Independent Feature Film Competition, and the Documentary Film Competition. The winner in each category will receive one of the Production Prize Packages.

The visual art forms of filmmaking are as integral to a film as the script, direction and performances. Cine Gear Expo’s mission has always been to serve this community of film and video industry professionals by providing them the opportunity to see the newest, cutting-edge equipment; to learn about new production services; and, to catch up with peers in a relaxing and social environment. “We feel that it is a natural evolution for Cine Gear Expo to introduce a Film Series and Film Competition to honor these artisans and technicians,” explains Karl Kresser, President of Cine Gear Expo. “We are receiving a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support from the industry, and look forward to establishing The Film Series as a permanent part of Cine Gear Expo.”

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7 Indy Short Finalists

Thursday June 4, 2015, 12:00 noon

“Winter Light”
Director: Julian Higgins
DoP: Andrew Wheeler


“Cowboys and Dissidents”
Director: Will Maloney
DoP: Denis Maloney, ASC

“Day for a Home”
Director: Corwin Garber
DoP: Corwin Garber

“The Crop”
Director: Will Halas
DoP: Drew Ganyer

Director: Alexander Vo
DoP: John Lazear



“The Red House”
Director: Jiaqi Lin
DoP: Donald M. Morgan, ASC



“Cindy’s New Boyfriend”
Director: Robert Brinkmann
DoP: Robert Brinkmann


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5 Commercials / Music Videos

Thursday June 4, 2015, 2:30pm

“Bad Dream”
Director: Jeffrey Hart
DoPs: Jeffrey Hart, Oliver Bukowsky, Jesse Smith

“Brand Yourself / Live your Purpose”
Director: Eric Mendoza
DoP: Mike Eaton


“Hillside by Lost Children”
Producer: Ryann Thompson
Director: Richard Joneleit
Music by: Lost Children (Avery Brooks)
Director of Photography: Christine Ng



“Nike 5.0 Determination” 
Director: Andrew Fallon
DoP: Gareth Paul Cox



Nike 5.0 Determination photos by Elizabeth Kitchens

“Eldur A Himni – Fire in The Sky”
Director: Boris Schaarschmidt
DoP: Boris Schaarschmidt



6 Student Short Finalists

Thursday June 4, 2015, 3:00pm

Director: Diego Andres Londono
DoP: Jordan Black
New York Film Academy



Director: Allison Eckert
DoP: Daniella Nowitz
American Film Institute



“Murphy’s Law”
Director: Alexander Fichera
DoP: Dave Cortez
Chapman University


Director: Dima Otvertchenko
DoP: Will Jobe
USC School of Cinematic Arts



“Day One”
Director: Henry Hughes
DoP: Kee Kyung
American Film Institute


“Against Night”
Director: Stefan Kubicki
DoP: Nico Navia
AFI Conservatory

See the screening schedule and buy tickets here.

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