Panavision & Light Iron Announce New Camera

Working Prototypes of Millennium DXL and Reel on Display at Cine Gear Expo

Preston Introduces the DM2X

Preston introduces this enhanced version of the DM2 motor.

Pro8mm introduces the Rhonda Cam Deluxe

With the love of all things analog trending the past few years and the growing popularity of the Rhonda CAM, rebuilt from the classic Super 8 Canon 310

Pro8mm presents the Super 8 Film Kit

Pro8mm has introduced the SUPER 8 FILM KIT, a workflow solution “in the box” for purchasing super 8 film with processing, scanning and upload directly to drop box.

QOS Server New “Filmmaker” Platform ™ Workflow

QOS Server invented the new “Filmmaker” Platform™, “shoot-to-screen”, which supports multiple memory card readers to dramatically speed up the process of offloading memory cards