Pro8mm presents the Super 8 Film Kit

Pro8mm has introduced the SUPER 8 FILM KIT, a workflow solution “in the box” for purchasing super 8 film with processing, scanning and upload directly to drop box.

QOS Server New “Filmmaker” Platform ™ Workflow

QOS Server invented the new “Filmmaker” Platform™, “shoot-to-screen”, which supports multiple memory card readers to dramatically speed up the process of offloading memory cards

Radiant Images to Showcase Custom-Built Gear

Radiant Images, a solution-oriented rental house singularly focused on advancing cinematography, will showcase the hottest gear, such as the revolutionary Phantom Flex 4K, lightweight RED Carbon Dragon and compact ARRI Master Anamorphics, as well as its latest creations. Custom DIT stations will be on display, featuring the Codex Vault 2, Codex View and Ovide Smart Assist. Other innovative products will include new Microview lenses, Steadicar, cinema drones and underwater housings.

Red Camera: Leaving Las Vegas for Cine Gear

Red is giving up NAB for Cine Gear

Schneider Optics Expands Motion Picture Filter Line

Schneider Optics’ line-up of new front-of-lens filters, starts with the first 1-Stop Circular Polarizer designed for professional cinematography