Impressive Accuracy at an Unbelievable Price


Impressive Accuracy at an Unbelievable Price

Colorimetry Research, Inc. has just released the new CR-250 Reference Spectroradiometer and you can get it now at So what makes the CR-250 so special?

Highly Accurate
Highly accurate display agnostic measurement of all current and emerging display technologies.
Spectroradiometer Measurement Accuracy at Colorimeter Pricing

Why buy a $7,000 colorimeter that still needs display specific calibration matrices programmed when you can get a true spectroradiometer for the same price?5nm Spectral Bandwidth Standard

The 8nm and 10nm spectral bandwidth spectroradiometers on the market just aren’t adequate for dealing with today’s wide-gamut, spiky spectral distribution displays.
Performance on par with $25,000+ Spectroradiometers
We’ve done extensive comparative testing and have been impressed with how well the CR-250 holds up against significantly more expensive spectroradiometers.Convenient, Compact, Lightweight
Large measurement spot size and a rubber hood mean you have the option to place the CR-250-RH directly against the screen, which is simply not possible with many other high-end spectroradiometers on the market. The CR-250 is also very lightweight (1 lb / 0.45 kg) and extremely compact: a spectroradiometer you can easily transport.

‚ÄčThe CR-250-RH is available at for just $6,990.

Want the speed and exceptional lowlight capabilities of a top tier colorimeter combined with the accuracy of the CR-250 spectroradiometer? Get the specially priced CR250 Spectroradiometer & CR-100 Colorimeter bundle for a $685 discount!

The CR-250 comes with CRI’s own measurement and logging software and is also fully compatible with LightSpace CMS for advanced profiling and 3D LUT creation.

New Firmware for all CFE2 Equipped Monitors

Firmware version 1.0.00-1965 has just been posted and includes some great new features and a few simple bug fixes.
  • New PIP Input option: SDI ALT. When set to SDI ALT your secondary input for picture and picture or picture in picture display will automatically be set to whatever SDI input you are not currently on. A great time saver for those using this feature often.
  • CIE Measurement feature: A beta version of this new feature is included in this firmware build. More details to come as this feature is further developed.
  • SD signal support over DVI for Canon DSLR cameras has been restored.
  • Timecode selection via OSD menu no longer locks out alternate function button selection.
  • Bug causing monitor image to occasionally freeze when sent rapid unclean signal switches has been resolved.

Get more details and the updates at

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