BB&S Intros New Remote Phosphor LED lights at Cine Gear Expo

After pioneering highly efficient and color accurate Remote Phosphor LED lighting, Denmark’s BB&S Lighting, presents the first Remote Phosphor Pipes, in 1-inch diameter by 1’, 2’, 3’ or 4’ long stand-alone units, or Pipeline® 4-Bank, 3’ and 4’ systems—all with a TLCI over 95.

BB&S’ first Remote Phosphor system, the Area 48 Soft, known for its interchangeable remote phosphor panels that change the color temperature from daylight to tungsten to chroma green intros a new Remote Dimmer Control. Conveniently hand-sized, it allows single or multi-fixture 16-bit dimming. The new Area 48 Studio, a 48V version, provides ultra precise dimming even in the last 5% where other LED fixtures become inconsistent. It’s advantageous for sound stages, studios, and motion capture studios where extreme accuracy through the entire range is required.

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