First Self Tightening Softbox from The Rag Place

The Rag Place and DoPchoice introduce the new, quick-deploying SNAPBAG®, lightweight, elegant solution for LED lights.

Eliminating the complicated set-up of traditional soft boxes, patented SNAPBAG® literally snaps to attention right out of its flat storage, and fits in place over a lighting fixture in 30 seconds. Custom designed for each fixture type, in most cases it attaches to the light fixture via built-in elastic loops that securely self-stretch the SNAPBAG® to the light.

Its self-stretching design guarantees that the SNAPBAG® holds its shape. When it’s time to remove and store the SNAPBAG®, it instantly folds flat.

With a highly reflective fabric interior, SNAPBAG® maximizes illumination. And its smart fit solutions are designed to eliminate spill so filmmakers can direct the light just where they want it.

SNAPBAGS come in Rectangular, Octagonal models and Pancake configurations.