Freakshow HD introduces the next generation of our mini converters

Freakshow HD is proud to announce the next generation of our best selling mini converters. Moving forward into the new world of 12G/4K workflow, the 1x2 4K mini re-clocking distribution amplifier and 1x4 4K battery powered re-clocking distribution amplifier offer cost effective, robust, and future proof solutions . In addition, Freakshow HD is debuting a new 2x4 switching/ re-clocking distribution amplifier. The 2x4 has the ability to switch between three modes of operation, a 1x4 from either of two inputs, or two 1x2 outputs from both inputs simultaneously. All outputs are equalized and relocked and assignable depending on mode and input. The next generation of Freakshow HD mini converters, now available at all our vendor partners, represent a continuation of our popular and reliable product line.