Hive Lighting Releases Two New Omni-Color C-Series Lights

After successfully launching the incredibly popular Wasp 100-C last year, Hive Lighting Inc. returns to Cine Gear Expo with two more additions to their Omni-Color LED product lines: the Bee 50-C and the Hornet 200-C. These two new additions effectively “goldilocks” the previous Wasp 100-C creating Hive’s “C-Series” family of Omni-Color LEDs, offering unparalleled color control, and versatility in a point source LED.

Both the Bee 50-C and the Hornet 200-C have the same groundbreaking Perfect SHOT color controls offered by the Wasp 100-C. These controls allow the user to adjust the Saturation, Hue, Output and color Temperature of the light, allowing for infinite color combinations, making sure you can customize your lighting to create the perfect shot, every time. The Bee 50-C and the Hornet 200-C also retain the Wasp 100-C’s unique form factor, including an adjustable yoke design and a 100mm body diameter. This diameter allows these lights to be combined with hundreds of existing photo accessories from various manufacturers including ProFoto®, Chimera®, Elinchrome® and Westcott® to name just a few.

The Bee 50-C is a 40W Omni-Color LED, it weighs only 1.5lbs, is 5” ( 125mm) long and is brighter than a 300W incandescent source. It has multiple ¼-20 threaded mounting points allowing for easy rigging to cameras, drones, in practical locations and on stages and built sets. This small form factor, low power draw and competitive pricing makes this light the most versatile and cost effective color changing light source for travel and location production available.

The Hornet 200-C is a 150W Omni-Color LED, it weights only 2.6lbs, is only 8” (200mm) long and is brighter than a 1000W incandescent source. 2.5X brighter than the original Wasp 100-C this is the brightest single point source color changing LED on the market. Hive Lighting offers a par reflector and adjustable Fresnel for the Hornet 200-C and it can be combined with a wide variety of classic light modifiers from video production like “soft boxes” and “beauty dishes” from photography. The Hornet 200-C offers photographers a light source that is bright enough to be used for both still and moving image production while taking full advantage of photographer’s existing equipment.

Hive Lighting’s new Omni-Color C-Series offer a leap forward in efficiency and versatility for entertainment lighting, bringing the revolution in color controllable lights to single shadow point source LEDs.

The Bee 50-C and Hornet 200-C are shipping in June. To order now, or just ask questions, please call or email or reach out directly to David Callaghan 310 773 4362.