HPA - From preproduction through final delivery, we’re in the workflow together!

Cine Gear is a candy store for those of us who work in production. The very latest tools and technologies; direct access to the enablers that help filmmakers tell stories…and it’s a free event? – it’s like a dream come true. 

Telling stories is increasingly part of an entire ecosystem stretching from set to color, VFX, VR/AR, to every size of screen from your palm to the cineplex. Want to see your dailies instantly from the cloud? Want to send instant notes back and change a LUT? Want to previsualize a shot for your VFX? There are more and more options to powerlift your production through to finishing. When the word “workflow” comes up (which is all the time), inevitably it’s about how production, finishing and delivery are being seen together. “Post,” and all that it is and may be, is on set, in a facility, in the cloud and on your iPhone. 

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) experts and members, who are there before the first shot as well as at final delivery, are at Cine Gear navigating the changing roadway alongside you. HPA serves the professional community of companies and individuals providing creative and technical expertise, support, tools and infrastructure to professional content creators, distributors and archivists. 

HPA supports our industry as it advances in art, science and business. And, as developments move at lightning speed, we facilitate the community conversations about the latest, most important information. From the HPA Tech Retreat to YEP webinars and NET lunches, we put together outstanding combinations of technologists and creatives who meet and dive into the topics that impact the art and science of creating content. Those events are where you can explore the far-reaching developments influencing everything from acquisition through post. From discussions of formats to rocket science, if it impacts the creative process, HPA is on it. 

Today, as our roles become increasingly interconnected and the concept of “story” itself expands, we are eager to continue our work in the community, from mentoring the leaders of the future through our Young Entertainment Professionals (YEP) program to recognizing brilliance in engineering, sound, VFX, color, and editing at the 14th Annual HPA Awards this November to building relationships at Women in Post events all summer long. Please visit our website and join us at an event, whether virtually or IRL. We love helping you tell your story.