Kino Flo Highlights LED Tubes

Cine Gear Reveal: Tubes, Divas, FreeStyles, Effects

HOLLYWOOD WAY, CA -- Kino Flo Lighting Systems will debut the motion picture and television production industry’s first True Match® LED tubes for operation in 4Bank, Double and Single fixtures, and for designing into sets.

The FreeStyle LED Tubes display the same award winning True Match® white light and color management system as other Kino Flo lights, such as the FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 LED portable systems, the video field production Diva-Lite LED’s, and the premium Celeb 850, 450, 450Q and 250 studio softlights.

All Kino Flo products at this year’s show boast a full range of >95 white light from 2500K to 9900K correlated color temperature, full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel Color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, dial-in RGB colors, and an expanded palette to include a unique Visual Effects mode. Kino Flo’s solid-state LED Controllers give lighting professionals the freedom to operate lights remotely via built-in wireless DMX consoles, up to 200 yards (185m) away, as well as through standard DMX connections.

New Kino Flo LED Tubes

The new 310° FreeStyle tubes deliver the same lumen punch as Kino Flo’s legacy fluorescent lamps, but with all the color management and visual effects features of Kino Flo LED lights. Paired with a 4Bank fixture’s light intensifying reflector, the FreeStyle Tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1,000W tungsten softlight. Kino Flo showed off prototypes of the four-foot FreeStyle Tubes, which display white soft light with Green/Magenta controls, RBG & Hue/Saturation modes, Cinema Gel Presets, and a suite of Special Effects presets.

True Match Firmware 3.0

Kino Flo Lighting Systems has released the True Match 3.0 lighting control firmware with new special effects and dimming control features for Celeb, FreeStyle and Diva-Lite LED’s.

Popular effects programmed by lighting board operators are now easily accessed on the company’s LED controllers using the new 3.0 upgrade: “Police”, “Paparazzi”, “Pulse”, “Lightening”, “Television”, “Candle”, “Fire”, “Strobe”, and sub controls for each mode such as flash intensity, duration, and frequency.

“Kino Flo has been out front with technology that’s both effective and intuitive,” said Frieder Hochheim, founder and president of Kino Flo Lighting Systems. “Our engineering and design team has always worked on producing the best color rendering soft light combined with fixtures and firmware that anticipate lighting solutions for professional image makers.”


FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 Systems

Kino Flo Lighting Systems is showing off a line of new FreeStyle 41 Systems, a 48-inch, narrow beam softlight that complements the popular FreeStyle 31 and FreeStyle 21 fixtures, introduced at last year’s NAB show.

The modular, portable Freestyle LED's are a force multiplier when it comes to production lighting. Weighing in between 6lb and 9lb, the LED panels can be removed from the fixture housing, and include rigging points for suspending from a grid or screwing into set walls, and twist-on mounting plate assemblies for 360 degree orientation and mounting into light arrays.

Divas on the Set

In addition to the new FreeStyle products, Kino Flo will break open a piñata of new Diva-Lite LED fixtures for location and studio work.

Three new Diva-Lite fixture profiles include the Diva-Lite 41, a slender four-foot (120cm) fixture with a broad, wrapping light for location and studio; the Diva-Lite 31, a versatile, lightweight source with a wide soft beam from a three-foot (100cm) panel; and the compact, two-foot (60cm) Diva-Lite 21, with a form factor and versatility that has made the Diva-Lite brand a favorite of electronic field production teams.

All three of the new Diva-Lite LED fixture styles come with a choice of center mount or a yoke mount. Visitors to Kino Flo booth during the trade show applauded the yoke version of the Diva-Lite LED’s for use as soft key and fill sources on small news and sports sets, greenscreen cycs, and low ceiling stages

  New Divas on the Set: Diva-Lite 31 Center Mount Fixture, seen here,  with built-in white light, color management and wireless DMX features. The Diva-Lite 31 family also includes the Diva-Lite 41 (48”) and the Diva-Lite 21 (22”)


Kino Flo also introduced the new Celeb 850 Yoke Mount Studio Fixture, the latest big LED addition to the Kino Flo studio line of Celeb 250, 450 and 450Q fixtures. The Celeb 850 Yoke version is primed to work on large stages as visual effects lighting, for broad white cyc soft light, and as energy efficient, color variable space lighting system.

The Celeb 850 center mount fixture, which debuted at last year’s NAB event, was also on display for cinematographers and lighting designers keen to operate a large controllable soft source on light stand or as a hand-held light for special camera shots.

New Celeb 850 Design: Kino Fo has expanded it’s popular Celeb studio Lighting line with Yoke mount of the Celeb 850, seen here. The large area lighting fixture also is available in a Pole-Op version of the Yoke Mount.

All three Celeb 850 styles deliver a dynamic range of possibilities from lighting block buster greenscreen stages to close-up's of talent, with a beauty light intimacy made for the big screen. The wide 4 x 2 aspect ratio fixture wraps a subject in a spectrum from fulsome reds of warm tungsten quality light, through a range of mid tones to full sky blue daylight.

Celeb 250, Celeb 450 and Celeb 450Q: Kino Flo’s time-tested family of Celeb LED 250 and 450 softlights have made their way into the production community since their introduction at last year’s NAB trade show.

All Celeb fixtures come with white light and color control features available on the Celeb 850 LED fixtures, including full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel Color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, dial-in RGB, and coming soon, the new Kino Flo Visual Effects mode, such as Candle Flame, Television Flicker, Emergency Vehicle flash, Lightening, and much more.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems will be showing off it’s new line of LED lighting products, software and some added surprises during the Cine Gear Expo June 1-2; Booth Number 125B, next to the MBS VIP Room, on Paramount Studio’s New York City Backlot.