Kino Flo Lighting Debuts New Celeb 850 Softlight

Kino Flo Lighting Thinks Bigger: Debuts New Celeb 850 Softlight

HOLLYWOOD WAY, CA -- Shortly after its founding year, Kino Flo introduced the Wall-O-Lite, the motion picture industry's leading BFL (big fluorescent light) for two decades. Now, 30 years later, Kino Flo Lighting Systems celebrates its anniversary with the release of the Celeb LED 850, a wall of light for the 21st century.

Versatile enough to hand-hold for walking shots, rig from a Matthew's offset arm or center mount on a light stand for 360 degrees of rotation, Celeb 850's work in close to the talent with a beauty light intimacy made for the big screen. The wide 4x2 aspect ratio fixture wraps a subject in a spectrum from fulsome reds of warm tungsten quality soft light, through a range of mid tones to full sky blue daylight.

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Celeb 850 fixtures, like all Celeb LED's, supply more than the standard bi-color phasing. The big, hi-lumen soft sources display a full range of white light from 2500K to 9900K correlated color temperature, plus full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel Color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, and dial-in RGB. Onboard solid state electronics give lighting professionals the freedom to operate fixtures remotely via wireless DMX light control boards and Apps, up to 200 yards (185m) away, or through standard DMX connections.

See Kino Flo’s new Celeb 850 studio luminaire along with several other coming attractions on display during the NAB trade show later this month in Las Vegas.

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Scott C. Stueckle
Public Relations

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