Litra Announces LitraPro - Full Spectrum Bi-Color Light

Litra Announces LitraPro™ - The World’s First Full Spectrum Bi-Color Video and Photo Adventure Light

SAN DIEGO, California - Following their award-winning design of the LitraTorch™, Litra Professional Adventure recently introduced its second professional adventure light for the very first time at NAB 2018. Competing against the biggest brands in the videography industry, Litra won a Best of Show Award for the intelligent design and technology of their new ultra rugged professional light - LitraPro™.

LitraPro™ is the world's most versatile full spectrum, bi-color video and photo adventure light on the market. Built with bluetooth compatibility, adjustable color temperature, and fully dimmable lighting, the LitraPro™ achieves an entirely new level of compact, rugged, professional lighting.

The compact and lightweight LitraPro™ can deliver up to 1200 Lumen of continuous, high quality light and has an impressive 45 minute run time at maximum output. At just 6 oz and 2.75" x 2" x 1.2" in size, the LitraPro™ is designed for the most demanding run-and-gun scenarios, remote production, mobile studios and impossible-to-light small spaces. The aluminum body has two industry standard 1/4 20 mounts and a built-in magnet on the back for endless mounting options.

“LitraTorch, has been a huge success with customers, retailers and distribution partners globally as a basic pro photo and video adventure light,” said Scott Gant, President of Litra. “The LitraPro will build on this success, offering users the smallest, rugged, uncompromised lighting solution on the market. Imagine something this small, with this much light lasting a full 45 minutes on max output? This is a game changer!”


LitraPro™ has a stunning OLED display and is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery. Its easy-to-use manual and smartphone app controls make it extremely convenient and multifunctional across a variety of fields. Photographers can manually or remote control single or multiple LitraPro™ lights from a smartphone app, with capabilities to adjust the power, color temperature, and lumen level. This feature minimizes the effort and time for lighting setup and adjustments. With the exceptional ease and portability of the LitraPro™, television and video teams can set up and teardown a fully controllable studio in the most remote locations.

LitraPro™ can be dynamically adjusted while shooting real time. It has a 0-100% fully dimmable light, an adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K that is factory calibrated to +/-100K accuracy and features a CRI of up to 95. With no green spike and an enhanced red spectrum, it delivers full spectrum light that allows people to optimize their photo and video scene. It is a high fidelity light allowing you to control the lighting regardless of the lighting conditions in your environment. With a 70 degree beam angle, the light delivers a smooth and even light pattern with no center hotspots or harsh edges. It is also flicker free at all shutter angles.

But this light sports both beauty and brawn. Built to thrive in the most extreme conditions, its rugged 100% aluminum body is MIL-SPEC 810 tested and waterproof up to 90 feet. Rain, sun, snow, dive, climb, drop, shock, grime, this light will take a beating and continue to shine on.

“A key feature to the LitraTorch success was the 100% aluminum body construction,” said Gant. “When you pick it up it just feels good, feels solid, feels like it will last. LitraPro was designed the same way. The aluminum body is not all about the look and feel though - it also it has 2 critical functions; a body armor so it can take a beating and a thermal heat sink to dissipate heat away from the LEDs and electronics.”

The versatile light meets the very high quality of light output essential for photo, video and TV production. It exceeds run time expectations for portable lighting solutions and is built to endure the inevitable bumps, drops and spills we all know will happen while filming. The LitraPro was also designed with a range of custom accessories including barn doors, color filters, diffuser cap, soft box and mounts to meet set production needs and seamlessly pair with traditional video, DSLR and action sports video equipment.

The innovative design and technology of the LitraPro™ is patent pending. The LitraPro™ was announced at NAB, Las Vegas in April 2018 and will be available for distribution late July at a very affordable price of under 220 USD. LitraPro™ will undoubtedly become a must-have lighting product in all photography and videography tool kits.

LitraPro™ Key Features
• 6 oz
• 2.75" x 2" x 1.2"
• Up to 1200 lumen at 45 minutes
• Up to 95 CRI
• 70 degree beam angle
• Adjustable color temperature 3000K - 6000K
• 45 minute run time at max output, 10+ hours on low output
• 2 industry standard 1/4 20 mounts
• Built-in magnet
• Waterproof up to 90 feet
• MIL-SPEC 810 tested
• Bluetooth compatible
• OLED Display
• 0-100% Fully dimmable

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