Mole-Richardson introduces the 1600W Tener LED Fresnel

The latest in our line of LED fresnel’s, the Tener is setting a new standard for high output from a single source LED.  The tungsten version has comparable output to a 10k Molequartz Tener Solarspot, while the daylite unit is on par with a 2.5k HMI fresnel.

A 14” glass fresnel and traveling flood / spot mechanism provide the optics you’ve come to expect from Mole-Richardson.  The low power draw and lack of ambient heat are changing the way we work on set.  At 1600w, the Tener LED only pulls a max of 14.5 Amps. Its universal power supply will work on 90-250v AC, 50-60Hz.

Our proprietary, Mole-Richardson LED offers not only a high CRI (95 in tungsten, 90 in daylite,) it also offers full spectrum color. In addition to on point color, the Tener LED is flicker free, 100% to 0% direct DC dimming.

Key Features:
High CRI (95 CRI Tungsten Type #9361, 90 CRI Daylite Type #9371)
1600w power draw via external ballast.
Universal Power Input:  90v-250v AC, 50Hz - 60HZ, 14.5 Amps Max.
Local and DMX dimming control.
100% to 0% direct DC, flicker free dimming.



About Mole-Richardson Co.

Founded in 1927, Mole-Richardson has been the standard in motion picture, studio and location lighting.  With a new, state-of-the-art facility located just outside of Hollywood in Pacoima, CA, Mole-Richardson is aggressively embracing the advent of new technology to provide our industry with tools based on a history of quality and a vision of the future.