Mole-Richardson to be honored by Cine Gear Expo

The Cine Gear Expo 2016 Lifetime Technical Achievement Award will be bestowed to Mole-Richardson on June 2 in a ceremony at Paramount Studios Hollywood. 

Mole-Richardson Co. was founded in 1927 by electrical engineer Peter Mole, design engineer Elmer C. Richardson and chief studio electrician Fielding C. Coates.  They had one common goal, to interpret technology for the needs of the entertainment industry and develop tools for lighting technicians to tell their stories in artful ways. They realized that the only way to accomplish this goal was to provide the studios with lighting solutions based on the latest breaking technology. These are the goals that started Mole-Richardson and drives them still today.

From their beginnings in a small machine shop in the rear of a garage on Santa Monica Boulevard, to their new state of the art facility in Pacoima, Mole-Richardson, under the direction of the Parker Family, has grown to become one of the oldest family run entertainment-industry companies in Hollywood and the recognized leader in entertainment lighting.  They continue to create lighting products that interpret the newest technology and set new benchmarks for quality.

Mole-Richardson has been instrumental in the development of the lighting industry and has published many articles on lighting for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science, the American Society of Cinematographers as well as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Additionally, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has awarded Mole four Academy Awards for their innovative work in entertainment lighting.  

To this day Mole-Richardson is the recognized leader in entertainment lighting.

Photo by Kelly Brinker, courtesy of American Cinematographer
Photo by Kelly Brinker, courtesy of American Cinematographer