Mole-Richardson Variable-Color LED Fresnels

200w Vari-Baby LED

300w Vari-Junior LED

400w Vari-Studio Junior LED

Mole-Richardson Co. is introducing a new line of variable-color LED Fresnels with a color range of 2700K – 6500K in the Baby, 8” Junior and Studio Junior models. They run from 90V – 250V AC, or 28V DC, 92+ CRI, flicker-free and fully dimmable from 100% - 0.

All three models include the following features –

    +/- Green Correction

    AC/DC Powered

    Wireless DMX control (Lumen Radio)

    Bluetooth Capable

    RDM Protocol

    Firmware updates via USB

    Dual User Touch Screen/Twist & Push Selector control

    2700K – 6500K Variable-Color