New anamorphic zoom lens PS-Zoom 35-70 CS by P+S Technik

The new P+S Technik 35-70 Cinemascope zoom was developed for 16:9 and Full Frame sensors.

The squeeze factor of 1.5x is perfect for 16:9 sensors as the higher squeeze factor produces a stronger anamorphic effect.

This P+S Technik CinemaScope zoom covers larger sensors from 40mm to 70mm and is a future proof investment into lenses for future cameras.

The PS-Zoom 35-70 CS convinces by outstanding optical performance compared to the higher priced lenses in this market segment.

This zoom sets a new price performance point in the market of anamorphic lenses (21.500 EUR / 25.000 USD)

This zoom expands your daily picture work extremely. You may choose it for its special anamorphic look or for more creative freedom in post production.


Contact: Anna Piffl,