Ovide presents their new Smart Assist 4

Ovide Smart Assist 4 at CINE GEAR

Ovide will present their new Smart Assist 4 alongside their HD2 version during this Cine Gear Show at booth #94A.

Since Ovide launched their first video assist equipment 3 years ago, Ovide Smart Assist has gained acknowledgment among rental companies and professional video assists.

After these years and after listening to suggestions, in 2016 Ovide released a new version, the successful Ovide Smart Assist 4:

· Works with 4 HD cameras or 4K resolution
· 12 routed HDSDI outputs with individual OLED displays to ease the plug in
· Capacitive touchscreen
· Equipped with SMA connectors so the user can choose the best WiFi antennas for every set
· Video drive is user replaceable
· CPU and GPU performance have dramatically increased, and video delay has been lowered to the minimum
· Power it, in hot swap, with mains or batteries
· It has a UPS that gives 2 extra minutes performance
· 3x UBS 3.0 to plug and power devices such as smart phones and tablets
· 2x 12vdc auxiliary outputs to power devices such as mini monitors, external hard drives, video devices…
· Integrates Bluetooth 4.0

Ovide has also designed new Smart Assist accessories such as cheeseplates, handles, sunhoods, and rain covers.

QTake, industry’s standard
QTake has been re-designed and optimized for the new Ovide Smart Assist 4:
· New management mode to control video router
· Name, define and opimize each one of the 12 outputs

As well as the well known QTake capacities:
· Apple ProRes recording
· Visualize at real time outputs such as chroma key, garbage matte, MoCo integration, colour correction…
· Vectorscope, histogram and MFO functions
· Live and independent video streaming to Devices
· Gather metadata and export to PDF
· Trigger: the system detects when filming starts and stops
· 3D ready: measures divergence, simulates convergence point and reads rig metadata