Pro8mm Releases 50th Anniversary Edition Classic Professional Super 8 Camera


An American Restoration of a Classic Super 8 Film Camera

As part of our yearlong celebration of the Super 8 film format turning 50, we have commemorated the milestone with a special 50th Anniversary Edition of the beloved Classic Professional Super 8 Camera. The first release of the anniversary series in 2015 was a limited edition offered in Candy Red. New colors for 2016 are Matte White and Matte Black, highly requested by clients who love the timeless appeal of this classic clean French design. The camera was first released in 1971 as a Beaulieu 4008ZM and manufactured in France through 1977.

Matte White Classic Pro 50th Anniversary Edition

Matte Black & Candy Red Classic Pro 50th Anniversary Edition

The Classic Professional Super 8 Camera is Pro8mm’s completely rebuilt and updated adaptation of the legendary Beaulieu 4008. The Classic Pro Cameras are rebuilt from scratch in-house at our Burbank, CA facility by a team of technicians with decades of experience. Our team rebuilds and repairs all aspects of the camera, artfully re-crafting its internal-structure and features so that you are getting a precision, quality super 8 camera with characteristics that surpass the original specifications. All cameras are sold fully film-tested and ready to go! The camera includes newly added features such as the recalibrated take-up torque to handle modern film stocks, and a new external power system.  An additional modification available to further expand the cameras capabilities include Crystal Sync at 24 or 25 fps.

Cutting The Cord and Leveling Your Options
New for 2016 is the Power Handgrip that houses the battery.
This is an amazing improvement over previous designs as not only does it act as a grip, but it eliminates the external battery pack that was connected to the camera by a cord.  Additionally, it acts as a leveling mechanism when mounting the camera on a tripod.


What is Max8?

Max 8 is a widescreen Super 8 film format, invented by Pro8mm in 2005.  This increases the picture size from traditional super 8 1:33 aspect ratio to 1:58 aspect ratio for better functioning with HD. This process involves widening the film gate to allow maximum use of the film’s negative space, recollimation of the lens and optics to center the image, and the addition of 16×9 frame lines in the eyepiece to aid in framing for the HD aspect ratio. Max 8 footage must be transferred on a Max 8 equipped scanner for the full quality.
Watch this video to learn more about Max 8

What is Crystal Sync?
Crystal Sync allows you to sync your Classic Pro 8 Super 8 Camera with sound. A crystal-controlled module is built in the camera to keep the motor running at exactly 24 fps (NTSC) or 25 fps (PAL) for sync sound with a separate recorder. This is great for situations where sound and picture must remain in perfect sync, such as music videos or dialogs.
Watch this video to learn more about Crystal Sync

The camera is sold with a C-mount Angeniuex 8-64mm lens

Classic Pro Super 8 Camera Features
•    Rebuilt body with custom finish
•    Modified power supply with a long-lasting external rechargeable lithium battery pack
•    C-mount lens support
•    Continuous filming speeds from 2-70 fps
•    Internal light meter , exposure indicator powered by camera battery, calibrated to film speed & ASA setting
•    ASA 10-400 setting
•    Look speed setting for 24 fps
•    20X optical viewfinder with retractable ground glass focus

C-mount Angeniuex 8-64mm Lens Features
Angenieux 8-64mm zoom with variable macro
•    f1.9 – f22 manually controlled aperture
•    All lenses are cleaned, lubricated and restored
•    Filter adapter to 58mm

$2,500, which includes
•    camera
•    8-64mm Angenieux lens
•    Max 8  
•    Power Grip
•    Watertight Case
•    Filter Adapter to 50mm
•    Fixed eye cup

“If MAC made a Super 8 camera, it would look like this”, states Rhonda Vigeant, Pro8mm’s V.P. of Marketing who introduced colored Classic Pros to the company beginning in 1998, matching the camera colors to the “new” Volkswagen Beetle. “All sustainably cool classics still follow current trends consumers want. When we introduced the VW colors, they were released in green, yellow, red and blue and were an identical color match to the cars. Today people seem to gravitate toward colors found in their high tech devices. We have also done silver and bronze in previous releases. The white and black edition will appeal to professionals and consumers who want that sleek retro cool look. They will definitely be fantastic 'eye candy' when they are out shooting!”