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“Filmmaker” Platform ™

QOS Server Ltd./LLC Company Background:

QOS Server was established in 1997 to produce HD productions and to provide HD production services in Vancouver Canada.  Since then the company has grown to become a leader in developing and deploying high-speed on-set and near-set rugged shared storage technology throughout North America.  QOS Server, LLC opened an office in Los Angeles CA to support customers in the US and to help establish manufacturing of a diverse postproduction and editorial technology solution for small and large production facilities. Our customer’s applications range from on-set DIT location work, VR, high-speed 3D productions, low and high-resolution editorial to high-end deliverables.  Our servers offer user-friendly software, quiet and high-speed operation that make them perfect for small and large production rental houses, post production facilities and film and video production companies.

 QOS Server Ltd./LLC New “Filmmaker” Platform ™ Workflow Overview

Ever since the use of film for shooting feature and television shows was phased out, the need to find a digital solution to replacing this medium has gone through an evolution from use of digital videotape to data storage on camera data hard drives.  With the ever increasing resolution of the camera, going from 1K, 2K, 4K, 6K and now 8K the challenges of storing and offloading these memory cards from multiple cameras on-set has opened a great opportunity for QOS Server Ltd./LLC.

To seize this opportunity, QOS Server invented the new “Filmmaker” Platform™, “shoot-to-screen”, which supports multiple memory card readers to dramatically speed up the process of offloading these memory cards from RED, ARRI, Sony and Canon 4-8K cameras. These data card readers are connected to the new Production SAN Box™ using high-speed Thunderbolt III, USB3c, SAS and 40Gig E connections to offload the data on-set/near-set.  It is also possible to both backup simultaneously to high-speed raided portable drives and to the QOS Server transporter while transcoding and processing this data on QOS Server Production SAN Box™ utilizing internal speeds of more then 14,000 MBps.  

By using the QOS Servers high-speed transporter, the data on-load and offload take place in minutes, while other technology can take hours; the data is then stored on QOS Server high-speed online larger 32/48 Bay server capable of providing 480 TB of shared high-low res Avid, Adobe and FC editorial and deliverable workflows for features and TV production.  Combine all this with our team of experienced professionals, QOS Server is poised to provide the complete workflow necessary to support the production industry.

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