SHANE HURLBUT chooses BLUESHAPE for His Power Needs

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C., is a world-renowned cinematographer who shoots multimillion dollar blockbuster films. Shane brings a level of unparalleled passion and excitement to everything he does. He is an innovative cinematic pioneer that deploys new techniques on every project to challenge him and enhance the quality of his work.

“The design and performance of the BLUESHAPE batteries have served to improve my efficiency on set. When I roll out with a small lightweight camera system, I’m looking for the ability to immerse the audience into the heart of the story. BLUESHAPE batteries allow me to keep my footprint small. My transition to BLUESHAPE batteries gives me the confidence that I have the extended performance capacity I need to capture that sunset and every other key shot I’m going after. My experience confirms that BLUESHAPE batteries provide maximum power without adding weight or interrupting the ergonomics of the camera system. The emerging standard for battery design and performance is BLUESHAPE.”

Shane Hurlbut is a member of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Shane writes articles and blogs to provide virtual feedback and creative insight in support of his Hurlbut Visuals information web site.