Terra LED announces the Fresnel Axy 600

Axy Fresnel 600

Axy Fresnel 600 Watt Single Source LED at 98 CRI.

Terra LED has announced the introduction of Fresnel Axy 600, a single source 600 Watt LED delivering an astonishing output in excess of 66,000 Lumens, rated 98 CRI at 5,600 Kelvin. This compact light with amazing performance has been designed to satisfy the Entertainment Industry’s most demanding and sophisticated photographic lighting needs as well as still photography and architectural illumination.

The Axy 600 is the result of more than 3 years of research and development to achieve this perfection, which is US Patent Pending. The overall housing is a single Unibody construction that is holding the cooling system that keeps the 600 Watts at low operating temperature. The reflector is CAD-Cam designed and wrapped in Space Age coating. The lens is tempered glass with special micro grain finish to perfectly fuse the light into a solid beam. The combination of the reflector and the lens creates a wide angle of illumination to cover the whole set. Barn doors allow precise shaping of the single beam of crisp light. The fixture positions easily on the balanced aluminum yoke and ½ inch nut to secure it in desired position.

The whole fixture is made of aircraft aluminum alloy, selected diodes secured to pure copper controlled by the most advanced and reliable electronics which come with a 7 year guaranty. The housing is protected by a non-reflective backed powder coating. The light composes the ingenuity in designs, perfection and US precision workmanship. The efficient power supply works on AC 110 – 277 Volt drawing only 7 Amps thus reducing production costs by eliminating generators and heavy cable. The Axy products are Made in USA and competitively priced.

Technical Data:
Length: 18.5, Height: 14.25, Width: 13.25 inches.
Reflector dia.10.25
Weight: 39 lbs. Without Yoke and Barn Door
Power: 600 Watts 110 – 220 VAC
Power consumption 7 Amps
Total Lumen: 66,000 Color: 5,600 Kelvin, CRI 98, Dimmable

Contacts: axyled@gmail.com, Tel. US: 702-666-3149