The Rag Place adds the new Octa 7 to its octagonal SNAPBAGĀ® softbox line

The Rag Place, known for motion picture technical fabrics and innovative light directing tools, adds the new Octa 7 to its lineup of octagonal SNAPBAG® softboxes. With a 7-foot (205cm) diameter, this larger octagonal-shaped softbox joins the smaller Octa 3 and Octa 5 SNAPBAGS® to fit most LED soft lights. Each delivers smooth and even illumination across the front with or without a baffle. The larger the Octa, the softer and smoother the light output around the subject.

Like the entire SNAP family, the Octas set up fast and pack up small. All three models are designed to employ the revolutionary RABBIT-EAR™ system. The single-unit RABBIT-EAR™ can be set up quickly and securely mount directly to various LED light brands. This is a universal, versatile system that is a one fits all solution.

All SNAPBAGS® feature The Rag Place’s exclusive highly reflective inner fabric and deliver an even illumination with MAGIC CLOTH™ diffusion. The spread of light from Octa SNAPBAGS® can be further controlled by installing a SNAPGRID®, which are available in a variety of degrees.

The RABBIT-EAR™ and SNAPBAGS® fit a variety of softlights, including KinoFlo Celeb 200, ARRI SkyPanel S30 and S60, THELIGHT Velvet 1 and 2 including the Power version, BB&S Area48 Softs, Cineo HS and Maverick Trucolors, Creamsource’s Full and Mini, Litepanels Astra1x1, and many more.

The Octa 7 weighs 6.5 pounds (3.45 kg) when installed (without RABBIT-EARS). When not in use, it conveniently folds to a compact and convenient 80x33x20-cm/31.5x13x7.8-inches. The Octa 7 SNAPBAG® includes a MAGIC CLOTH® Front Diffuser, Baffle and storage bag. RABBIT-EARS are sold separately and can be interchanged with various SNAPBAGS®.

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About The Rag Place
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and manufacturing facilities in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, The Rag Place, has introduced many game-changers to film makers. Their first baby, ULTRABOUNCE® took the world by storm. Next came GELFAB® color correction fabrics, then Blue and Green Screen KNOCKOUT® , ULTRASCREEN™, and their latest contribution, MAGIC CLOTH™. The SNAPGRID® and SNAPBAG® systems provide a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures. These lighting tools offer more compact and lightweight designs, that are easier to use and faster to set-up—to meet the needs of grips, gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide.