Transvideo International introduces the 5'' StarliteHD RF with Mini TitanHD2 transmitter

Transvideo International introduces its new High-Definition wireless monitor: the 5'' StarliteHD RF with Mini TitanHD2 transmitter. This latest RF technology delivers a very stable HD transmission with no delay within a range of up to 600 ft (LOS).  Outfitted with a small Sony NP970 battery and a lightweight handle, the 7 oz monitor becomes the ideal handheld director's monitor.  It is viewable in full sun with a quick switch capability between cameras A and B.  The on-board recorder/player can be set to auto-rec for the director to review prior takes on the spot.

The 5'' StarliteHD RF is also the perfect control monitor for focus pullers.  It is light enough to be mounted on top of focus, iris and zoom controllers without injuring the focus puller's wrist. The zero delay transmission ensures that the focus puller does not fall behind.