VER Displays Enhanced Environments at Cine Gear

Featuring the world’s largest array of cine equipment, VER outfits large and small productions with advanced technology, unmatched expertise and engineering solutions to solve even the most unique challenges. VER offers 24/7/365 support and state-of-the-art Cineverse camera prep facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and Miami.

VER’s Enhanced Environment process allows talent and fixtures in shot to be naturally lit by the backgrounds in the scene with amazing authenticity. The lighting is spot on so talent and crew alike visualize actual environments and perform against a dynamic background without the guesswork of an empty green screen. VER works with the production team from pre-visualization to production to create an enveloping media environment on as large a scale as needed, utilizing proprietary technology, tools and techniques. Look for a dynamic live presentation of Enhanced Environments at Cine Gear 2016.