Cine Gear LA Artwork

These are various banner ads and logos for Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles and its Film Series. To download one of them, just  click on it to open it full size. Then right click it and select the save option (Mac users must Control+click). Some of these items have been resized to fit on this page.

Please link these to our home page
or to the Film Series home page





120x80 static

120×80 static

120x90 static

120×90 static


120x180 static

120×180 static


120x600 static

120×600 static


125x100 static

125×100 static

125x125 static

125×125 static


150x60 static

150×60 static

160x160 static

160×160 static


160x240 static

160×240 static


160x240 animated

160×240 animated


160x300 static

160×300 static


180 x 150 static

180 x 150 static


300x250 static

300×250 static


468x60 static

468×60 static


468x60 animated

468×60 animated


513x183 animated

513×183 animated



565 x 90 static



728x90 static

728×90 static



225×225 logo




408×213 gif logo



408×213 jpeg logo



Static logo zip file containing ai, eps, gif, and jpg versions (1.9Mb). Click image to download.

Film Series Art

1308×606 static logo jpeg




1284×633 static logo w/ tagline jpeg



200×88 static logo jpeg



252×124 static logo w/ tagline jpeg

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