Film Series Finalists

The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo

A Tribute to the Visual Art of Filmmaking will comprise screenings of films based on their illumination of the visual art forms in filmmaking, such as cinematography, art design, set and costume design, and will also feature a Student Short Film Competition, the Independent Short Film Competition, and the Music Video and Commercial Competition. The winner in each category will receive one of the Production Prize Packages.

The visual art forms of filmmaking are as integral to a film as the script, direction and performances. Cine Gear Expo’s mission has always been to serve this community of film and video industry professionals by providing them the opportunity to see the newest, cutting-edge equipment; to learn about new production services; and, to catch up with peers in a relaxing and social environment. “We feel that it is a natural evolution for Cine Gear Expo to introduce a Film Series and Film Competition to honor these artisans and technicians,” explains Karl Kresser, President of Cine Gear Expo. “We are receiving a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support from the industry, and look forward to establishing The Film Series as a permanent part of Cine Gear Expo.”

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8 Indy Short Finalists

Thursday May 30. 2019
Screening at Sherry Lansing Theater
12:00 Noon - 2:15pm

Judas Collar
Director: Alison James
Director of Photography: Michael McDermott
Producer: Brooke Tia Silcox

Director/Writer: Kyle Laursen
Producers: Kyle Laursen & Janet Lee
Director of Photography: Jenn Gittings
Editor: Eric Martin

Director: Allison Mattox
Cinematographer: Beth Napoli
Producers: P.J. Walsh, Charlie Wilson

Shoe Shiner
Director & Writer: Andrés Gallegos
Producers: Constanza Hevia, Shaira Abraham
Production designer: Erika Pulgar
Cinematographer: Andrés Gallegos
Composer: Jorge Aliaga

Control Option Escape
Director: Gandja Monteiro
Director of Photography: Nico Navia
Producers: Jacqueline Beiro, Danielle Oexmann, Gandja Monteiro

Won’t Forget You
Writer/ Director: Maarten Swaan
Producers: Sven Villerius, Joseph Black
Executive Producer: Filmalot
Director of Photography.: Derrick Cohan

We Vanish
Director: Astrid Dominguez
Producer (Mexico): Sandra De Silva De La Torre
Producer (Australia): Hayley Surgenor
Cinematographer: Anibal Barco

Director: Nicole Baer
Producer/Lead Actor: Britt George
Writer: Jenny Klein
Composer: Greg Edmonson
Director of Photographer: Matt Fore

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10 Commercial / Music Video Finalists

Thursday May 30. 2019
Screening at Sherry Lansing Theater
2:30pm - 3:00pm

Midland "Burn Out"
Directors: T.K. McKamy & Cameron Duddy
Producer: Ben Litty Skipworth
Executive Producer: Chandra LaPlume
Cinematographer: Dillon Schneider

Directors: Jason Cruz, Michael Pescasio
Director of Photography: Michael Pescasio
Editor: Jason Cruz
C1at Ac: Preston Phillips
Gaffer: Louis Ramos
Animation: Jasper Sek

Stars and Rabbits - "Man Upon The Hill"
Director: Bona Palma
Director of Photography: Arief Pribadi
Art Director: Dennis Sutanto
Executive Producer: Rob O’Hare & Budi Chaeroni
Producer: Gita Tamara
Line Producer: Stephen Sulaiman
Unit Manager: Indra Syailendra
Location Manager: Aldy Wali

Lyft Commercial: Best Choice
Director/Writer: Nathan Cheney
Director of Photography: Steven Mangurten

Weezer – "High as a Kite"
Director: Nathan Presley
Produced by French Production
Director of Photography: Patrick Jones
Editor: Sam Fuller
Production Designer: Brian Mayfield
Camera Op: Bobby Qualls
Gaffer: Quinn Sommers

Willow Beats – "Be Kind to Yourself"
Director/Editor/Visual Effects: Oren Kanski
Cinematographer: Ehran Edwards
Producer: Jackson Lapsley Scott
Production Design: Sabina Myers

Winter's Song
Director: Ryann Thompson
Producers: Rich Joneleit, Ryann Thompson, Avery Brooks
DP: Yayo Vang
Underwater DP: Jendra Jarnagin
Additional Photography: Nausheen Dadabhoy

Nike x Darling
Directed: Nathan Presley
Producer: Rebekah Presley
Editor: Sam Fuller
Director of Photography: Gabriel Kimpson
Executive Producer: Sarah Dubbeldam
Music by Stevie Scott
Stylist: Henna Koskinen

The Racer
Director: Brad Day
Cinematographer: Brad Day
Camera Operators: Brad Day, Adam Griffith, Thomas Schaffer
1st Assistant Camera: Adam Griffith

Hermitude – "Everyday"
Director: Nathan Presley
Producer: Jade Risser
Dancer: Courthey Campbell
Cinematographer: Nathan Presley
Production Company: Fall Out Entertainment
AC: Rob Medley
Editor & Colorist: Nathan Presley

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10 Student Short Finalists

Thursday May 30. 2019
Screening at Sherry Lansing Theater
3:15 pm - 5:20pm

Director: Jeremy Merrifield
Writers: Jeremy Merrifield & Dave Testa
Producers: Christina Cha, Kate Chamuris, Alex Peurye
Executive Producer: Michael James Scott
Cinematographer: Frances Kroon
Production Design: Jerry Marsini
Editor: Bowei Yue
Composer: Ali Helnwein
Sound Designer: D. Chris Smith

You’ll Only Have Each Other
Director: Allison-Eve Hammersley
Writers: Samantha Silvay & Alison-Eve Hammersley
Producer: Arthur Cohen and Muad Bellaïche
Cinematographer: Austin Kite
Editor: William Jones

A Rodeo Film
Director: Darius Dawson
Cinematographer: Erin G. Wesley
Production Designer: Jessica M. Cole
Editor: Briana Chmielewski
Producer: Ryan Binse

Director: Milena Korolczuk
CInematographer: Michal Wronski
Producers: Rudy Lopez, Saray Paiva, Olly Zimina

Director and Producer: Gabriele Fabbro
Director of Photography: Brandon Lattman
Production Design: Nicholas Hagen
Music by Sean Goldman

Director, Writer, Editor: Diego Vicentini
Director of Photography: Romas Usakovas
Producer: Yulia Safonova
Unit Production Manager: Asem Yedgey

Director, Director of Photography, Producer: Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

Director: Elwood Quincy Walker
Director of Photography: Bennett Barbosa
Editor: Eden Ashkenazi
Foley Artist: Nico Fulton Lavachek

The Visitor
Director: Stephen Ohl
Producers: San-San Onglatco & Samuel Robertson
Writer: San-San Onglatco
Associate Producer: Sebastian Arechavala
Cinematographer: Yvgeniy Zhuk

The Concert Of Life
Director: Lina Yuchen Guan Li
Directors of Photography: Jeff Su & Yiran Yu
Producer: Queen Kim


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