2017 Technical Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to LEE Filters

LEE Filters is celebrating 50 years of technical excellence and creative innovation in filter production. Our continuous investment in research and development allows us to embrace new technologies and expand filter capabilities, adapting to the ever changing filter market.

The LEE Filters story began in 1967, with the incorporation of the company. By 1974, demand growth required the building of a high-tech manufacturing plant in Andover, UK to produce filters in-house. This purpose-built factory allowed LEE Filters to retain complete control over the coating process, ensuring the highest and most consistent quality of filter production. Continued company growth saw the addition of a second Andover site in 1988 to house the administration offices, quality control, and camera filter production. As world demand continued to increase, LEE Filters USA opened in 1992 to supply filters in North and South America. In 2017, LEE Filters established a new standard in ND filters, introducing the remarkably neutral ProGlass IRND series, designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers.

With over 300 color and diffusion filters, LEE Filters remains the world’s leading manufacturer of professional quality lighting filters.

(L) Ralph Young, Sales Manager with (R) Eddie Ruffell, Managing Director