CineGear On Air Event Series

Got Publicist?

The who, what, and why of successful media publicity for cinematographers

Host: Cine Gear Expo
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Time: 1 hour
Price: FREE

Moderator: Jazz Tangcay, Variety Artisans Editor

Get the scoop on how media publicity can benefit a career in cinematography. This diverse panel will reveal the ways publicists work with journalists to bring the stories behind a cinematographer’s imagery to life—as seen from various angles.

Expert participants will include independent publicist Meredith Emmanuel (Emmanuel Bates Communications), Jonathan Epstein, Strategy PR, and studio publicist Loraine Valverde (previously 20+ years with Warner Bros.) Joining them on the Zoom will be IndieWire’s Chris O’Falt, the Editor of American Cinematographer, and representatives of additional international trade publications to discuss how they turn behind-the-lens stories into articles. The panel will also feature Director of Photography Alan Jacobsen, and others for cinematographer’s candid points of view. The audience is encouraged to join in and ask questions during the Q&A. Panelists are subject to availability.

Join the lively Q&A with Panelists:

  • Meredith Emmanuel  Independent Publicist, Emmanuel Bates Communications
  • Jonathan Epstein – Strategy PR
  • Loraine Valverde  Former Senior Publicist at Warner Bros. Pictures for 20+ years
  • Alan Jacobsen – Cinematographer – Strong Island (Netflix), Sundance U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award 2017
  • Chris O’Falt – Deputy Editor, Film & TV Craft at IndieWire
  • Ron Prince – Editor of Cinematography World Magazine
  • Andrew Fish – Senior Editor, American Cinematographer
Cine Gear On Air

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