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Join us every Friday at 1PM for the release of a new Filmmaker Friday interview.

Each week we will spotlight the filmmakers behind a different 2020 Film Series finalist film. Learn more about the creation of the short, stories from set, technical challenges, triumphs, and the advice that that they are sharing with the Cine Gear community. The interviews will be available to watch at any time after their release.

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Previews of upcoming Filmmaker Fridays interviews

July 16 Preview

Film Spotlight: Second Team

Interviewees: Ria Pavia and Robert E. Arnold 

July 23 Preview

Film Spotlight: You

Interviewees: Timon Birkhofer and Daniel Steven Williams

July 2 Preview

Film Spotlight: Stellar Moto Brand Commercial

Interviewee: Iggi Ogard (Director/Writer/Editor)

July 9 Preview

Film Spotlight: Grok See Blue

Interviewees: Ben Long and Quinn Else

June 18 Preview

Film Spotlight: Sound

Interviewees: Tawan Bazemore  and
Crystal Porter Bazemore 

June 25 Preview

Film Spotlight: Alive

Interviewees: Carissa Dorson and
Kasmira Buchanan

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