Music Videos / Commercials

Tell Me

Director: Gille Klabin
Writer: Gille Klabin
Gille Klabin
Director of Photography: Gille Klabin

Alyssa Grace - Breathe

Director: Troy Christian
Writers: Words & music – Alyssa Grace, Video concept – Troy Christian
Shane Proffitt, Laura Proffitt, Troy Christian
Directors of Photography: Enrique Del Rio, Troy Christian, Tom Graves (Aerial), Adam Feuerman (Underwater)

Panther Branch Road

Director: Ryan Schorman
Writers: Zach Pack & Ryan Schorman
Producer: Elizabeth Schorman
Director of Photography: Chris Verner

Banda MS Feat. Snoop Dogg and Becky G - Que Maldicion

Directors: Jorge G. Camarena and Cristobal G. Camarena
Writers: Victor Gabriel, Jorge G. Camarena and Cristobal G. Camarena
Jorge Gonzalez Castaños, Eduardo Rivas and Carlos Bravo
Director of Photography: Kadri Koop

Chandiss - Wicked Game

Director: James A. Heim
Director of Photography: Brandon Klock

Momma Always Told Me by Mike Posner

Director: Nathan Presley
Writer: Nathan Presley
Producer: Dustin Heveron
Director of Photography: Gabe Kimpson

The Kooples

Director: Nathan Presley
Writer: Nathan Presley
Producer: Carling French
Director of Photography: Nathan Presley

White Lies

Director: Leonard Wilkes
Writers: Daren Girdner (story), Leah Hamel (choreo)
Producer: Jordan Burbank
Director of Photography: Grant Bell

What Remains

Director: Stefan Fitzner
Writers: Stefan Fitzner & Michael Rückert
Producers: Stefan Fitzner & Michael Rückert
Director of Photography: Jonathan Steil

Independent Short Films

99 Problems

Director: Michael G Kehoe
Writer: Michael G Kehoe
Producers: Michael G Kehoe, Tori London, Rob Harper, Richard Joel, Susie Brubaker, John Brubaker
Director of Photography: John T Connor

The Forgotten Place

Director: Oscar Rene Lozoya II
Writer: Jeff Locker
Producers: Benjamin Dunn, Alex Raines, Jeff Locker, Brian Flaccus, Celia Cowles
Director of Photography: Alex Laya

Estilo Americano

Director: Miriam Kruishoop
Writer: Miriam Kruishoop
Producers: Ellen Utrecht, Miriam Kruishoop, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Leticia Rodriguez
Director of Photography: David J Frederick


Director: Sophia Carr-Gomm
Writer: Samuel Grant
Producers: Nina Yndis, Glen Kirby
Director of Photography: Samuel Grant

Odyssey Omega

Director: Ian Asbjørnsen
Writer: Ian Asbjørnsen
Producer: Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen
Directors of Photography: Brian Tang & Ian Asbjørnsen

The Observer

Director: Andrea Jako Giacomini
Writers: Andrea Giacomini, Cristina Rambaldi
Producers: Andrea Giacomini, Cristina Rambaldi
Director of Photography: Andrea Jako Giacomini


Director: Edgar Noe Martinez Espino
Writer: Edgar Noe Martinez Espino
INDIGOCINE, Isabella Brito & Edgar Noe Martinez Espino
Directors of Photography: Edgar Noe Martinez Espino & Carlos D. Garcia


Director: Josh Auter
Writer: Josh Auter
Josh Auter, Patrick Wirtz, Christine Auter, & Anthony Mark Barrow
Director of Photography: Jacob ‘Kuba’ Bojsza


Director: Gia-Rayne Harris
Writers: Alecia Jean Denegar & Gia Rayne Harris
Producer: Rachel Weise
Director of Photography: Alecia Jean Denegar

Student Films

The Art of Survival

Director: Gregory Armstrong
Writer: Gregory Armstrong
Producers: Hector Serrano, Alison Hanson
Director of Photography: David Márquez
School: UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television


Director: Daniel J. Egbert
Writers: Siwei Li & Daniel J. Egbert
Producer: Xue “Sophie” Hou
Director of Photography: Siwei Li
School: American Film Institute

Black Boys Can't Cry

Director: Victor Gabriel
Writer: Victor Gabriel
Producer: Jordan Vernon Tyner
Director of Photography: Robert Hunter
School: American Film Institute


Directors: Shu Zhu, Ino Yang Popper
Writers: Shu Zhu, Ino Yang Popper
Producers: Daniel Short, Ino Yang Popper, Shu Zhu
Director of Photography: Ino Yang Popper
School: American Film Institute


Director: Afton Quast Saler
Writer: Afton Quast Saler
Producers: Rachel Priebe and Reagan Shea
Director of Photography: Yifan Yin Haung
School: University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

The Hideaway

Director: Jane Stephens Rosenthal
Writer: Jane Stephens Rosenthal
Producers: Ross O’Shea, Katie Paczynska
Director of Photography: Jo Jo Lam
School: American Film Institute

The Speech

Director: Haohao Yan
Writer: Haohao Yan
Producer: Xiaoxiao Li
Director of Photography: Anton Shavlik
School: American Film Institute

Cain Rose Up

Director: Amy Nigro
Writer: Amy Nigro
Producer: Mitali Khare
Director of Photography: Eunicet Pamela
School: New York Film Academy


Director: Pip White
Writer: Amanda Ferrarese
Producer: Marc Tarczali
Director of Photography: Amanda Ferrarese
School: American Film Institute

The Ark

Director: Benjamin South
Writer: A.M. Khalifa
Producers: Benjamin South, Scott Schwartz-Owen
Director of Photography: Tom Gass
School: New York Film Academy
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