2020 Film Series Finalists

Independent Shorts


Director: Anna Chi
Producer: Ming
Writers: Anna Chi, Ella Lee


Director/Writer: Tawan Bazemore
Producers: Crystal Porter Bazemore, Tawan Bazemore
Executive Producer: Brandon Greene, Tawan Bazemore, Patricia Furnare, Armin Nasseri


Director: Jane Hae Kim
Producer: Meghan Weinstein

Second Team

Director: Ria Pavia
Writer: Anni Weisband
Producers: Robert E. Arnold, Anni Weisband, Mayon Denton, Julia Balayan
Director of Photography: Robert E. Arnold


Director/Writer: Gretl Claggett
Producers: Gretl Claggett, Pamela Cederquist, Sarah Donnelly, Etan Harwayne-Gidansky
Executive Producers: Gretl Claggett, Pamela Cederquist
Directors of Photography: Jeff Berlin, Ari Rothschild

Godspeed MC | For God and Country

Director: R.J. Hall


Director/Writer: Eric L Thompson
Producers: Eric L Thompson, Allan Apone Jr

The Entity

Director/Writer: Chi K. In
Producers: Logan King, Johwan I. Wallace, Chi K. In
Director of Photography: Tevin S. Teixeira

Music Videos / Commercials

Chasing the Horizon

Director: Sasha A. Logov
Producer: Oleksandr Novichenkov
Director of Photography: Oleg Shevchyshyn

James Arthur feat. Travis Barker - You

Director/Producer: Timon Birkhofer
Executive Producers: Jørg Kundinger, Jason Hale
Writers: Timon Birkhofer, Jørg Kundinger
Director of Photography: Daniel S. Williams

About the Girl in the Trunk

Director/Writer: Lindsay Clift
Producer: Jose Miller

Slant - With or Without You

Director: Vez Visuals
Writers: Munir Haque, Vez Vizuals
Producers: Munir Haque, Kerry Schwartz, Parvez Satter

Oo La La

Director/Writer/Producer: Frank Rogala

Stellar Moto Brand Commercial

Director/Writer: Iggi Ogard
Producer: Jeremy Alter
Director of Photography: Richard Briglia

Nice Shoes

Director: Jonathan Lawrence
Producer: Tommy Mack


Director/Writer: Carissa Dorson
Producers: Jacob Rosenthal, Shane Spiegel
Director of Photography: Carissa Dorson

Hey, Beautiful!

Director: Kenneth Ferrone
Writers: Nat Zegree, Eric Holmes
Producers: Greg Kamp, Sarah Ellis, MT Shorts

Student Short Films

Furthest From

Director: Kyung Sok Kim
Writer/Producer: Rex Reyes II
Director of Photography: Teck Siang Lim
School: AFI Conservatory

Our Home Here

Director: Angela Chen
Writers: Angela Chen, Yumiko Fujiwara
Producer: Xinlei “Summer” Yang
School: AFI Conservatory 

They Won't Last

Director: Portlynn Tagavi
Writers: Portlynn Tagavi, Brandon Gale
Producer: Richard Bailey
School: AFI Conservatory 

Time Difference

Director: Xuqin Sun
School: London College of Communications

Día de Las Carpas

Director: Joao Dall’Stella
Writer: Marika Kato Hoag
Producer: Jervis Li
Director of Photography: Bethany Michalski
School: AFI Conservatory


Director/Writer: Quinn Else
Producer: Marc Tarczali
Director of Photography: Ben Long
School: AFI Conservatory


Director: Chris Collins
Writer: Oscar Flores
Producers: Antionette Hicks, Hayley Seat, Jeffery Clark, Zachary Arrow Lomeli
Director of Photography: Alexander Hackworth
School: CAL State LA, Television, Film & Media Studies

Tree #3

Director: Omer Ben-Shachar
Writers: Omer Ben-Shachar, Sydney Meadow
Producer: Iris Yang
School: AFI Conservatory 

A Guide to Being Herman

Director: Sergio Zaciu
Writers: Sergio Zaciu, Oliver Zaciu
Director of Photography: Nicholas Bradford
School: University of Southern California


Director: Ramone Farrier
Writer: Hector Oliveras Garcia

Producers: Milana Edwards, Lucas Ford
School: The Peter Stark Producing Program