Extremely powerful and versatile Batteries, Chargers and Adapters with new 24V Interface and Multi-Voltage Capability

With B-Mount, Bebob developed a new 24V battery interface three years ago. Now, the Munich-based battery manufacturer is presenting a complete portfolio of B-Mount batteries, chargers and adapters at Cine Gear (booth 528) – all of them are immediately available. Besides, all products can also score with 12V/24V multi-voltage capability.

B-Mount, the new industry standard

Existing power supply systems are increasingly pushing modern digital cameras, spotlights and rigs to their limits. For this reason, Bebob developed the B-Mount: a new, multi-voltage-capable interface that has meanwhile established itself as an open, manufacturer-independent industry standard. ARRI, among others, relies on the advantages of the universal interface for its new cameras and spotlights. With
B-Mount, it is possible for the first time to supply all devices on set with one single battery system – not only easing logistics and transport considerably, but also saving time and budget significantly. Other major benefits are the extraordinary robustness and smooth mechanics of the B-Mount construction as well as an open protocol for extended communication between battery and camera.

The new B-Mount portfolio from Bebob:

24V and 12V Multi-Voltage: one system for all

Compared to other B-Mount products, the new B-Mount portfolio from Bebob can score with a special feature: The batteries all support multi-voltage and thus offer both a high voltage of 24 Volts and the traditional one of 12 Volts – which further expands the range of devices that can be used on the set.

In addition, Bebob offers specific V-Mount and Gold-Mount adapters to operate a variety of different cameras and lights with B-Mount batteries.

B-Mount batteries: B90cine, B90cineHS, B155cine and B290cine

Four different B-Mount batteries are now available from Bebob – from the B90cine with 86Wh capacity to the B155cine (156Wh) and the B290cine with 285Wh. With dimensions ranging from 94 x 144 x 39 mm to 94 x 144 x 77 mm (W x H x D) and a weight of 0.6 kg to 1.5 kg. Practical additional features for all batteries are the typical Bebob Twist-D-Tap connection and a USB port-C connector. Like all other Bebob batteries, the B-Mount newcomers also support the battery manufacturer’s “Re-celling” programme and can be fitted with new cells as soon as the old ones are getting on in years and no longer meet expectations.

B-Mount hot swap: B90cineHS

The B90cineHS combines several advantages: this battery and hot swap adapter can be connected in series with other B-Mount batteries. On the one hand, this allows the total capacity to be increased, and on the other hand, an uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed even when batteries are exchanged during shooting. The B-Mount interface also provides precise information about runtime and charging time even when batteries are connected in series – for more efficiency on set.

B-Mount chargers: BS2 and BS4

A dual and a quad charger ensure fast recharging of the B-Mount batteries. With the BS2 or BS4, a B90cine/B90cineHS can be fully charged within three hours, a B155cine in four – and a B290cine is back in top form in six hours.

Wide range of B-Mount adapters

B-Mount batteries from Bebob support multi-voltage and can supply both 24 Volts and 12 Volts, adapting to the needs of each individual device. This capability makes them a universally usable power source. Various adapters, such as the B2Vcine or B2Acine, enable the conversion from V-Mount or Gold-Mount to B-Mount. In order to operate a variety of different cameras and lights with B-Mount batteries, Bebob is also bringing device-specific adapters onto the market. Dedicated battery plates are available for the ARRI Amira (BMM24-AMIRA) and ARRI Alexa (BMM24-ALEX). Adapters for the SONY Venice 1 (BMM12-Venice1) and the Venice 2 will follow. Besides, B-Mount adapter frames are available for manufacturers in an OEM version for 12V and 24V. The portfolio of B-Mount battery plates is constantly being expanded.

Further information

For more information on Bebob’s B-Mount portfolio, please visit our landing page: https://bebob.de/en/b-mount/.

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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