Breakthrough Filters is proud to announce the world’s first Cinema Drop-In Filter system. Our
entire line of top-rated filters is now available in an ultra-slim, back-of-lens format compatible
with Breakthrough’s all-new PL Drop-In Filter Mount (DFM).

Designed for RED, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, BlackMagic and MFT cinema cameras, the
DFM features a rugged, customizable PL locking ring, heavy-duty titanium hardware and a
secure, rapid filter locking system. The DFM is precision machined in the USA and each unit is
calibrated to exact PL lens specifications.

Choose from over 50 filter types including the first ever 1-Stop (0.3) CPL and the world’s widest
ranging VND that spans 1.5-Stops (0.45) to 11-Stops (3.3) without any color shift or X-pattern.
Simply put, the Breakthrough Filters Cinema Drop-In Filter system is the most versatile lens
mount on the market.