This powerhouse platform combines FreeSpeak Wireless, Analog Partyline and now HelixNet Digital Partyline in a 1RU integrated system, with Dante.

Clear-Com® announces new features for Arcadia® Central Station, including the highly anticipated integration with HelixNet® Digital Partyline, cementing the platform’s position as a powerhouse of intercom systems with support for over 100 beltpacks and 180 ports of mixing capability. In a 1RU package, Arcadia powers the company’s award-winning wired and wireless analog and digital intercom systems, together with Dante connectivity, supporting the broadest range of wireless solutions with 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz systems working together simultaneously. This latest set of new features also includes a 5 GHz scanning tool for FreeSpeak Edge® systems, along with increased beltpack capacity for FreeSpeak® systems and an increase in licensed port capacity.

With full support for up to 64 HelixNet endpoints – including HelixNet Remote Stations, Speaker Stations, and Beltpacks – over 24 HelixNet-enabled channels, Arcadia is well-equipped to support even the largest of systems. The new 5 GHz scanning tool will display and recommend open frequency channels for FreeSpeak Edge transceivers and beltpacks, assisting audio engineers in deploying their wireless system without interference from other Wi-Fi device traffic.

Expanding on an already generous port capacity, Arcadia now offers up to 128 IP ports, (previously 96), to allow for an additional eight FreeSpeak beltpacks, for a total of 40 (previously 32), and up to 24 ports for HelixNet channels – all while still providing additional intercom access through eight 4-wire ports, four 2-wire ports and up to 64 Dante audio ports.

Designed with input from Clear-Com’s extensive and diverse user base, Arcadia is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, from a corporate event being broadcast to global offices to a local performance venue to the largest and most complex live events in the world.

“HelixNet integration is what everyone’s been waiting for,” explains Product Manager Kari Eythorsson. “Customer excitement upon hearing about this new feature has been encouraging, and people are really pleased with how comprehensive the integration is, along with the sheer capacity we’re able to offer in a single rackspace. With this latest update, Arcadia supports up to 24 channels of HelixNet across 64 endpoints, and we’re planning to integrate even more features in the future.”

Arcadia Central Station with HelixNet integration is scheduled to start shipping in Summer 2022.

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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