Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announces the launch of two new low voltage REVI Tunable White downlight fixtures.

The REVI Tunable White fixtures are available in two size and output configurations, both of which can be powered using the REVI Drive low voltage power supplies. The 3-inch REVI LE1 Light Engine 18 Volts – 9 Watts per Channel can be configured with any of the LE1 options, and is ideal for residential downlighting. The REVI XL2 Light Engine – 36 Volts – 80 Watts per Channel is designed for higher output applications, including house of worship and auditoriums. Both fixtures can be added to any REVI downlighting project and powered remotely using the REVI Drive power supplies.

The new tunable white low voltage downlight fixtures make it possible to imitate color and brightness shifts of natural daylight like never before. The ability to create any temperature of white light between 2700K and 6500K makes them ideal for human-centric lighting applications where control systems adjust the white color temperature, tuning it to a bluer, white light, or warmer, more amber light depending on the time of day. When paired with the mate app-based control system, users can create pre-programmed human-centric lighting solutions that are scalable for production homes.

“Human-centric lighting is gaining popularity and we’ve seen an increase in the number of projects where dynamic lighting is desired,” said Jordan Brooks, President at Environmental Lights. “Our new REVI tunable white fixtures are exciting because they are designed specifically for these applications and they also complement our linear accent lighting. They play a crucial role in our fully controlled solutions for custom homes and scalable production homes.”

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System is a comprehensive low voltage downlighting solution designed specifically for A/V integrators. REVI features programmable, RDM enabled power supplies and a la carte configurable LED fixtures. The system facilitates easy installations, remote power management, and simple integration into control systems.

Environmental Lights worked extensively with integrators to understand their pain points and get early prototype feedback in order to design the ideal low voltage downlighting system. REVI enables integrators and fabricators to move into the world of ceiling and downlighting using the convenience of low voltage.

The REVI product line includes residential downlighting solutions, as well as commercial solutions for house of worship and auditorium lighting projects. The system encompasses a range of downlighting products including low voltage LED downlights and remote power supplies. Environmental Lights also offers consultancy services to support lighting design, product specification, and installation best practices.

REVI Tunable White Fixture Features:

  • 2700K to 6500K color temperatures
  • Two versions: 3-inch fixtures and XL pendants for high output
  • Multiple configuration options for 3-inch version
  • UL Listed and Class 2 components
  • Can be used to comply with CA Title-24 JA8
  • Work seamlessly with REVI Drive power supplies

REVI (Remote-Voltage Illumination) downlights, pendants, and power supplies are available at  EnvironmentalLights.com or by calling 888.880.1880.

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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