Designed in response to American filmmakers’ requests for a more modern beam projector, the 1.8/1.2kW Daylight Power Beam is the newest member of FilmGear®’s Power Beam family. This efficient and practical 18”-faced luminaire is making its US debut at Cine Gear LA this year and is available for orders starting now.

Since their premiere at last year’s Cine Gear Expo, the Power Beams have impressed gaffers at demos across the country from New York to Hawaii, but there was one notable special request: an efficient Power Beam that can strike with house power. Prioritizing a smaller footprint over the excess output of the 4kW Junior model, the 1.8/1.2kW Daylight Power Beam adds versatility and range to the Power Beam series. This 18” lamphead features twin lamp power that drives the efficiency of modern 1800W HMI globes while maintaining the familiar option of the 1200W beam projectors of old.

The 1.8/1.2kW joins FilmGear®’s family of Power Beams that goes up to 18/12kW HMI and 24/20kW tungsten. As with the other Daylight Power Beams, its adjustable beam angle narrows down to 0°, creating powerful parallel shafts of light through windows and foliage, replicating the sun itself. With their reinforced glass mirrors, wheeled flight cases, and overall sturdier construction, these workhorses were clearly built with rentals and long-term ownership in mind, cementing FilmGear®’s dedication to durability and practicality.

The Power Beams, including the new 1.8/1.2kW Daylight Power Beam, are compatible with FilmGear®’s electronic ballasts and are available to order now.

Daylight Power Beam:

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 1.8kW / 1.2kW (18’’)

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 4kW / 2.5kW (24”)

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 9kW / 6kW (24”)

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 18kW / 12kW (36”)

Tungsten Power Beam:

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 5kW (18”)

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 12kW / 10kW (24”)

  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 24kW / 20kW (36”)

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Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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