FilmGear® premieres the latest innovation in beam projector lighting, the Power Beam Hybrid, at CineGear LA 2024. The Power Beam Hybrid is a bold feat of engineering that marries tungsten and daylight into a single fixture, allowing gaffers to switch between beams of steady warmth and stunning sunlight with ease.

The Power Beams were first released in 2021 with both daylight and tungsten models. Critical acclaim and instant adoption by major industry users spurred growth of the Power Beam family to encompass the full range of HMI and tungsten bulbs. The film industry took notice of the increased output, improved durability, and precision made, reinforced glass mirror ensuring lasting longevity.

Now, the new Power Beam Hybrids continue to defend the title of the most powerful and versatile beam projectors in the world. This year, FilmGear® engineers further expanded and evolved the scope of lighting technology. Fusing two classically separate bulb technologies, Power Beam Hybrids introduce dual color capability. Each lamphead in the Power Beam Hybrid family now packs all the electronics necessary to power both tungsten and HMI bulbs. For a complete change in lighting simply swap out the cabling, ballast or dimmer, and the bulb itself. The improved adjustable lamp lock easily compensates for differing LCLs, supporting up to 4 different lamps per fixture. 

  • 36”: 24k + 20k Tungsten and 18k + 12k HMI
  • 24”: 12k + 10k Tungsten and 9k + 6k HMI
  • 18”: 5k + 2k Tungsten and 4k + 2.5k HMI
  • 18”: 2k Tungsten and 1.8k + 1.2k HMI
  • 12”: 1k Tungsten and 800W HMI

The Power Beam Hybrid makes no compromises in output or durability to achieve its dual colors. The beam remains as pristine as its single color temperature counterparts with the robust housing and reinforced glass reflector identical to those found in the classic Power Beam.

Each Hybrid comes paired with two header cables, one for tungsten and one for HMI. Both feature industry-standard pinout configurations. A sturdy wheeled flight case completes the package, ideal for taking the Power Beam Hybrid on the road.  

The Power Beam Hybrid is available to order now and will be showcased heavily at CineGear 2024. Visit FilmGear®’s booth, S4101 on Stage 24, or our website,, to learn more. 


Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
As Director of Rental, Gabriel Mays oversees growth of Rental by nurturing business relationships and unifying the customer experience nationwide. In his previous role as the LA Rental Manager, Gabriel worked with producers, cinematographers, and assistant camera operators to provide the highest level of customer service possible. He also ensured that all their equipment needs are met on budget. Before coming to AbelCine in 2015, Gabriel previously worked as a Communications Instructor and Electronic Media Engineer at a private university. He taught various courses in electronic media, including film, broadcasting, and digital arts. Gabriel is an award-winning cinematographer, director, producer, and editor known for his innovative research and implementation of new film techniques. He was also one of the first to implement HDSLR cameras into filmmaking. He has been the cinematographer on dozens of independent films, documentaries, and music videos.