Recently brought back by popular demand, FilmGearⓇ’s new and improved Power Beam series has been capturing the attention of European gaffers with their soft-edged parallel beams. Just as advertised, the Power Beams project a highly directional beam, adjustable down to 0°, with the best-in-class output, up to 18kW for daylight or 24kW for tungsten.

Such a simple description downplays their versatility in the hands of a clever gaffer. Not only do they support dual lamp bases for most HMI and tungsten globes, but their tight beam angle control also goes beyond what traditional Fresnels and faceted parlights can offer. The tight beam angle control allows Power Beams to produce bright shafts of light to give the impression of a much more powerful light source, like a military-grade tungsten searchlight or the sun itself, punching through tight windows or maybe some foliage in a rainforest canopy. The soft, unfocused beam edges help to maintain a natural look, unlike what you would get out of a LED Profile, yet the shadow definition remains as sharp as ever. Group a few of these together and you can even fake the parallel shadows on the moon coming from the distant sun, though FilmGear® won’t be responsible for any conspiracies!

Each Power Beam is built with FilmGear®’s signature dark lavender look, which not only looks great but also comes with the guarantee of lasting durability, just like the legendary F-series. The full list of available Power Beams are:


  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 18kW / 12kW
  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 12kW
  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 9kW / 6kW
  • FilmGear® Power Beam Daylight 4kW / 2.5kW


  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 24kW / 20kW
  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 12kW / 10kW
  • FilmGear® Power Beam Tungsten 5kW