Film Gear USA Group presents the Zenith RGB Power Panel, its latest breakthrough in the field of LED film lighting, which will be making its debut at this year’s Cine Gear Expo LA .

Much like its namesake, the Zenith brings a divine shine to any shot with its powerful yet precise beam. Packing more punch than competing RGB panels, this light redefines the limits for modern LEDs.

The Zenith takes advantage of FilmGear®’s custom TIR lenses and MCOB chips that were originally developed for the RGB Max series. While the LED maxibrute spaces out its heads to get wider coverage, the Zenith condenses all of the collimators into a 2×2 or 2×3 form factor. The result is a concentrated 23º beam with a singular shadow.

This new type of luminaire outputs a staggeringly bright hard light that is so far removed from traditional diffusion panels that it deserves a new title: the power panel. Getting a focused beam without sacrificing intensity has long been a challenge for LEDs, but the Zenith 1500C casually spits more than a 5kW Tungsten Fresnel while running on only 15A of house power.

Beyond the optics, the Zenith is engineered to shine in the toughest environments with its IP65 rating, so gaffers can rest easy knowing that it will be ready when it’s needed most. These power panels are meant for outdoor output, so it’s only natural for them to tout outdoor grit as well.

The potent and durable Zenith RGB Power Panel will be demoing at Cine Gear Expo LA 2023 in the Studios at Paramount this June 2-3. Preorders for the Zenith 1500C and 1000C are available now.