New single-user version of industry-grade scouting app designed
for film and television production, available as public Beta

Fuzzy Door Tech, the innovative technology division of Seth
MacFarlane’s acclaimed production company Fuzzy Door, today announced a public
Beta of ViewScreenTM Scout, its real-time scouting app for the iPhone.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, the company is rebranding its
production-grade scouting app, previously known as ViewScreen Scout, to ViewScreen
Scout Pro.

ViewScreen Scout provides individual users with the powerful production visualization
tools needed to scout a scene or shot – from blocking and adjusting lighting and lenses
to animating characters – before filming begins. The Beta app is a single-user version of
ViewScreen Scout Pro and is available to try now. You can request access to the Beta
from (here).

“ViewScreen Scout is an innovative scouting tool that puts the power of production
visualization into people’s hands to help them achieve their creative vision. The app
runs on an iPhone and is easy to use wherever your project takes you – on location or a
small space that might be hard to navigate with bulky gear,” said Faith Sedlin, president
of Fuzzy Door Tech.

“Our new scouting app lets the entire production crew envision how digital assets will
blend into real-world environments before the cameras start rolling,” Sedlin
continued.”It’s the perfect introduction to ViewScreen. It lets filmmakers scout a project
using their own assets to get a feel for how the suite of tools works.”

ViewScreen Scout
ViewScreen Scout records how digital assets will look on location or a soundstage
– before filming begins. The app lets you pre-visualize scenes, virtually walk through
sets, block movement, visualize lighting and more. With the ability to visualize and
animate digital assets and VFX in situ, reacting directly to what you see on your iPhone
means capturing the right shots in fewer takes.

How it Works
ViewScreen Scout scans an environment, analyzes the space and then places and
animates digital objects in a scene – in real time and at real-world scale. Users can
download their own custom 3D assets from Box or from the Files app on their iPhone to
plan and block a scene to decide if a location works, figure out the best angles for
coverage, or even build new blocking and animation on the fly.

The Difference Between ViewScreen Scout & ViewScreen Scout Pro
ViewScreen Scout is designed for individual users who want to explore real-time
scouting. ViewScreen Scout Pro is a production-ready scouting app designed for
collaboration that works seamlessly with ViewScreen Studio, our suite of tools designed
for television and film production.

ViewScreen Scout Pro includes shared AR rooms where the entire crew can
collaborate, whether the team is together in the same location or working remotely
across multiple locations. It also has more advanced features including live markerless
motion capture and motion capture suit integration, the ability to export all VFX data
(OBJs, EXRs, etc.) to accelerate post-production as well as customized software,
support and services that can be tailored for a specific project.

ViewScreen Scout and ViewScreen Scout Pro run on iOS devices including any iPhone
13 Pro/Pro Max and higher or any iPad Pro M1 and higher.

Availability & Pricing
ViewScreen Scout is free during the Beta for users in North America (US and Canada),
Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. To request access to the
Beta, visit

ViewScreen Scout Pro integrates with ViewScreen Studio and is available for use on
film and TV productions in North America (US and Canada). Pricing for ViewScreen
Studio and ViewScreen Scout Pro varies based on the requirements and complexity of
the production.

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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