Godox is thrilled to release the sunlight at your disposal – the MG1200Bi. With an extraordinary output power of up to 1200 watts, the MG1200Bi is solid proof that Godox is evolving to pursue stronger and better quality over the years.

The MG1200Bi provides top-notch lighting for all filmmakers and cinematographers. It consists of professional production-standard light beads. In addition to a full 1200W output power at all ranges, the MG1200Bi offers a flexible color temperature from 2700K to 7000K, and a wide beam angle of 120 degrees. There are also built-in fx modes and four optional scientific dimming curves.

The exceptional build quality of the MG1200Bi makes it fearless of any tough occasion. It features an IP54 waterproof design in both the light body and the control box. The thermal protection and temperature monitoring function could avoid any overheating possibility.

The MG1200Bi features a powerful, intelligent and quiet cooling system. The system can automatically synchronize the fan speed with the output, maintaining a quiet effect while meeting the cooling requirements. Even when the fan is at high speed, the fan noise is under 32dB, like a whisper to human ears.

The MG1200Bi is easily-operated and user-oriented. You could adjust the dimming by 0.1%, 1% or 10% increment, which is convenient to get the exact brightness that you need. Besides its on-board control, the MG1200Bi supports remote, DMX512, CRMX, RDM and APP control. The robust screen can display the current pitch angle of the light. The lock mode and memory function also add in the convenience for users.

If you are interested in having a glance at the MG1200Bi, the latest Godox workhorse, please feel free to drop by Booth S122 at the 2022 Cine Gear Expo Atlanta!