Talking Horror with Master Filmmaker Dean Cundey, ASC 
Wednesday, October 7th at 11:00am

CineGear ON AIR is pleased to present a live Zoom discussion with the legendary Dean Cundey, ASC focusing on the art and craft behind some of his spookier cult classics from the Halloween films to The Thing, The Fog, Jurassic Park, and more audience favorites. Hosted by Director/Producer/Tech nerd, Jay Holben, the two will discuss horror filmmaking as a collaborative art form including what propels a horror genre film into classic status. They will also delve into how the technology of the day affects the art. And the audience will find out what John Carpenter meant when he referred to Cundey’s work on Halloween as  “Some of his best ever. The way he moved the camera was groundbreaking.”

The second half of the event will focus on audience questions with the incomparable Dean Cundey, ASC.

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