Matthews, the original Hollywood grip company, will be exhibiting their top line mounting solutions at Euro Cine Expo in Munich.

Proof that bigger is not always better, Matthews highlights the MICROGrip line to accommodate the proliferation of tabletop and product imaging work. This grip and mounting hardware collection, designed around the MICROGrip 1.25″ (32mm) diameter head, is fully capable of performing comparable moves as its bigger 2-1/2″ counterpart. Carefully selected to accomplish an array of tasks, MICROGrip Kits include various lengths of 3/8″ rods, weighted bases for increased stability, clips to hold props and objects, miniature Micro Shot Bags, Micro Scrims and Flags.

Expo attendees can get hands on the newest addition to Matthews robust, 360° articulating Infinity Arm family. Now the rugged camera and accessory positioning tool offers new an ARRI-style Anti-Rotation Tip. It provides locating pins for safer rigging of cameras, monitors and accessories to 3/8’-16 anti-rotation receivers on popular cages with 3/8” threads. Another how-did-I-ever-do-it-without it mounting solution being highlighted is the LB2Location Baby Bracket that facilitates attachment of lights and support gear to posts, trunks, or any environment not conducive to mounting, without being seen by the camera. Offering an industry standard 5/8″ Baby Pin, LB2 can be strapped, screwed nailed or when permitted, bolted to location architecture.

Plus there’s the 3iSpreader which fundamentally improves support of Ronford-Baker and OConnor tripods, maintaining portability, deterring slide and topple potential. Invented by camera crew it provides a safer, smoother, better-balanced and more durable answer that eliminates bungees and spikes, ending floor scratches and location carpets.

Whether shooting a rooftop hip hop video or a narrative film in an ancient castle, the self-contained Max Menace Arm opens expands lighting possibilities by allowing safe, nail-free fixture placement almost anywhere on set–extending over walls, balconies, staircases to spots where lifts are restricted or mounting overhead or background lights is impossible. This Technical Achievement Award recipient, supports up to 80kg/175 lbs.

Back by popular demand, visitors can look up to see the Air Climber™ pneumatically controlled, modular grip and lighting stand that safely raises lights or camera rigs 25 feet/7.62 meters. With a load capacity of 90kg/200-lbs, it includes a large leveling platform, four telescoping legs and four heavy-duty jacks to stay level and supports a telescoping and rotating 8-section column.

Matthews’ set-ready gear is manufactured and quality controlled in Matthews Burbank, California headquarters. For information about Matthews Studio Equipment visit

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
As Director of Rental, Gabriel Mays oversees growth of Rental by nurturing business relationships and unifying the customer experience nationwide. In his previous role as the LA Rental Manager, Gabriel worked with producers, cinematographers, and assistant camera operators to provide the highest level of customer service possible. He also ensured that all their equipment needs are met on budget. Before coming to AbelCine in 2015, Gabriel previously worked as a Communications Instructor and Electronic Media Engineer at a private university. He taught various courses in electronic media, including film, broadcasting, and digital arts. Gabriel is an award-winning cinematographer, director, producer, and editor known for his innovative research and implementation of new film techniques. He was also one of the first to implement HDSLR cameras into filmmaking. He has been the cinematographer on dozens of independent films, documentaries, and music videos.