Matthews Studio Equipment, the original Hollywood grip company, will be unveiling their newest and standard-setting photo and video equipment, along with live demos by rock legend photographer, Jeremy Saffer—at WPPI 2023.

Front and center will be the world premiere of Gatorbuddy™—a new solution for an old issue. Gatorbuddy offers an innovative way to handle gator board, foamcore, V-flats, and other boards. Compact, sturdy, and mobile, it can fulfill a variety of tasks safely and efficiently. With a steel base and four Tente caster wheels, it can glide around the studio, then lock safely in place to facilitate lighting adjustments, move panels and V-Flats smoothly in and out to swap backgrounds, create instant walls and dividers, or be equipped with a laptop or monitor for use as a work/media station. Visitors can get a demo from the inventor, photographer Carlo Hindian.

Also, out from behind his camera will be Jeremy Saffer whose iconic imagery of metal music icons and art photography adorns albums, magazine covers, and coffee table books. He will run through the support kits he counts on for his own in-studio and on-location work. His favorite studio package to reposition the key light throughout a shoot is the Mini Boom Rolling Kit. It includes a Runway Base that supports up to 250 lbs. on maneuverable locking caster wheels, along with a 40” C+ Riser with T-handles, and a 5/8” Baby Pin with 3/8”-16 threaded tip. Also essential is the extendable (45″-80″) Mini MatthBoom built of no-bend steel with a Baby pin at one end and rear hook that’s ready to grab Saffer’s favorite Boa Bag (sandbag) for balancing.

For photographers on the road, Matthews will be showing the lightweight Trio C+ Traveler Kit complete with three spring-loaded turtle bases with stands, 40” C+ Risers and gobo arms, which all pack conveniently into a vehicle.

Matthews mounting hardware on display includes their line of Gobo Plates rugged, simple, connect-stuff-to-stuff steel adapters, along with the LB2 Location Baby Bracket, and for safely holding tube lights, The Claw and MQ Mount. Also on hand will be an array of Matthews hallmark stands, Shotbags and more.

Matthews’ set-ready gear is manufactured and quality controlled in Matthews Burbank, California headquarters. For information about Matthews Studio Equipment visit

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
As Director of Rental, Gabriel Mays oversees growth of Rental by nurturing business relationships and unifying the customer experience nationwide. In his previous role as the LA Rental Manager, Gabriel worked with producers, cinematographers, and assistant camera operators to provide the highest level of customer service possible. He also ensured that all their equipment needs are met on budget. Before coming to AbelCine in 2015, Gabriel previously worked as a Communications Instructor and Electronic Media Engineer at a private university. He taught various courses in electronic media, including film, broadcasting, and digital arts. Gabriel is an award-winning cinematographer, director, producer, and editor known for his innovative research and implementation of new film techniques. He was also one of the first to implement HDSLR cameras into filmmaking. He has been the cinematographer on dozens of independent films, documentaries, and music videos.