OWC also expanding Atlas Ecosystem with new Innergize card management software and dual-slot card readers

OWC® – the leading end-to-end ecosystem solution provider of computer hardware, accessories, and software for both consumers and professionals – today announced the unveiling of Jellyfish XT, a revolution in collaboration and shared storage solution, and expansion of its Atlas ecosystem with a new Innergize software at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas from April 15-19, 2023.

“Here at OWC, we continuously seek to innovate and bring forth new solutions that empower creators to more easily create. Our new top-level storage solutions in Jellyfish and Atlas do just that; give creators the freedom to manage their workflows and improve their efficiency,” said Larry O’Connor, founder and CEO at OWC.

OWC Jellyfish XT

OWC’s Jellyfish solutions have set the industry standard for shared portable NAS with unmatched connectivity and speed. The next generation is here with the Jellyfish XT, a full flash-based storage solution with up to 360TB (720TB with extension) usable storage and both 100Gb and 10Gb Ethernet connectivity that makes workflow bottlenecks and latency things of the past.

Jellyfish XT is built for the most demanding workflows and includes expandability options to handle tomorrow’s higher resolutions and bitrates. Whether it’s 4k/8k/12k, VR, or AR, Jellyfish XT is built to enable teams to push through content without friction.

Key features include:
Capable: work with 4K/8K/12K video files and VR or AR
Connected: 2x 100GbE QSFP288 ports and 2x10GbE ports
Capacity: up to 300TB of all flash storage in a single head unit, expandable to 1.5 Petabytes of total flash storage

OWC Atlas Ecosystem Expansion: Innergize Software & Dual-Slot Memory Card Readers

OWC is uniquely qualified to provide hardware and software solutions that provide a smooth path for audio and video professionals from Capture to Completion™. OWC’s Atlas memory card lineup has quickly become a trusted tool for photo and video professionals around the world, and the additions of the new Innergize software and dual-slot memory card readers will further the ability to maximize offloads.

OWC’s new Innergize software is designed to monitor the health of Atlas memory cards, as well as manage with tools to sanitize cards and field upgrade the firmware to keep Atlas memory cards compatible and updated for peak performance. Innergize is a free download to use with any Atlas memory cards or readers.

Having a card reader that meets the demands of professional broadcast, cinema, and photography is a must to maximize creativity time. The OWC Atlas Dual Slot CFexpress Type B and SDXC UHS II card reader and OWC Atlas Dual Slot SDXC UHS II card reader are designed for heavy workloads, with a heat-dissipating design, write-protect switch, and built-in USB-C cable that tucks neatly into the base, making them ready to use in the field and on the go. Both include a USB-C port to maximize connectivity options as well.

OWC NAB Booth Demos

NAB Show attendees can be among the first to see demonstrations of OWC’s new Jellyfish XT and Innergize software during the event from April 15 through April 19, as well as see the company’s full lineup of Capture to Completion solutions. Additional demo stations include:

Capture – From the first frame to the last edit, OWC provides an end-to-end workflow with Atlas memory cards, Atlas card readers, and Copy That ingest software that enables users to capture and transfer ideas easier than ever. Copy That for Mac streamlines the ingest process with lightning fast, verified copies of your files to single or multiple destinations. All visitors to the OWC booth can register to receive a free one-year license of Copy That software!

Create – OWC’s core storage lineup will be on display and actively demonstrated with solutions designed for every video professional. From the workhorse ThunderBay enclosures to cutting-edge Flex solutions, OWC has every storage scenario covered. This includes the new version of OWC’s software RAID management software SoftRAID, featuring a new driver-loading architecture, making it easier than ever to set up RAID volumes.

Collaborate – Working together built OWC, and the company has continued this collaboration with the acquisition of Jellyfish shared storage solutions. From mobile to enterprise, Jellyfish facilitates collaboration unlike anything else.

Complete – Once a project is complete, it is important to ensure it is backed up and secure. OWC helps creators do this faster, better, and cheaper with a multitude of archive solutions from disk to tape to NAS that make sure data is safe, secure, and ready to access whenever it is needed.

Visit OWC’s NAB Show booth C2820 (April 15-19) in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall to see OWC solutions in action from Capture to Completion.

Pricing & Availability

Jellyfish XT is available now
Atlas Dual CFexpress and SD card reader is available now on macsales.com for an introductory price of $79.99
Atlas Dual SD card reader is available now on macsales.com for an introductory price of $79.99
Innergize for Windows is free and available for download from OWC (Mac version coming soon)
Copy That for Mac is available now on the OWC Software store and a full license can be purchased for $99 or a 30-day project license for $35

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