Power Gems will showcase the next generation of LED constant current supply modules at Cine Gear. Ranging from 600W to 1800W, the low-cost PWM power supplies incorporating six-channel drivers offers a fresh approach to controlling LED lamp technology.  

Visit Stand B407. The Power Gems team can show you the latest addition, the PWM40, a combined 3kW power supply and 40-channel LED driver for the sound stage. Also, the new 70W LED bi-colour GEMtile, a broadcast-quality replacement ceiling tile for standard 600mm/2ft commercial office style fixture.

Power Gems are well-known in the TV and film industry for the design and supply of 1000 Hz high-speed HMI ballasts. We’ve expanded into the LED control market to provide the complete range of ballasts for all your power requirements – for television production, on-location filming and movie making.