Viewscreen Lets Filmmakers Simultaneously Visualize and Record VFX and Live Action in Real Time to Transform Storytelling

Fuzzy Door Tech, the innovative technology division of Seth MacFarlane’s acclaimed
production company Fuzzy Door, today launched the ViewScreenTM family of products which
includes ViewScreen Studio and ViewScreen Scout. ViewScreen is a suite of production
visualization (ProVisTM) tools that simultaneously integrates visual effects and the real world to
accelerate television and film production.

ViewScreen Studio is built for full-scale productions to let filmmakers visualize and animate an
entire scene, including digital assets, in real time, across multiple cameras. And ViewScreen
Scout is a real-time scouting app for the iPhone that lets people record how digital assets will
look on location or on a soundstage – before filming begins.

Historically, working with digital assets required a lot of imagination and guesswork to visualize
what should be in the empty space while filming a scene. ViewScreen is transforming
storytelling by making the invisible visible. The products use augmented reality (AR) to display
VFX components in a live scene so the director, director of photography, camera operators
and extended crew can see the entire scene and react instantly to what’s happening on set.
ViewScreen runs on off-the-shelf iOS/macOS and Windows consumer hardware that’s
cost-effective and easy to use no matter where you’re filming.

“ViewScreen takes the guesswork out of the directing process. Now, you can see VFX
elements, in real time, as you’re shooting. It’s a true advantage for every facet of filmmaking
because it accelerates everything we do,” said MacFarlane. “It allows for faster
decision-making, quicker visualizations, and provides a clear framework for post-production to
ensure the director’s vision is accurately achieved.”

The ViewScreen products have already made their mark in entertainment, transforming
MacFarlane’s production process. ViewScreen Scout was critical for planning and blocking
shuttle landings as part of Hulu’s The Orville: New Horizons. ViewScreen Studio allowed
MacFarlane to direct and animate Ted’s face and body movements during the filming of the
Ted TV series (airing on Peacock January 11, 2024) and gave the extended team visibility to
evaluate shots in real time.

“The ViewScreen suite of tools is focused on production visualization, or ProVis for short.
ProVis is the ability to visualize digital assets in a live scene in real time – any time during
production,” said Faith Sedlin, president of Fuzzy Door Tech. “Ultimately, with ViewScreen,
you can evaluate, animate, and fine-tune every aspect of your production to capture the
perfect shots in fewer takes.”

ViewScreen Studio
Viewscreen Studio can be used anytime during filming to visualize props, characters, and
environments, on set or on location in real time. Now camera operators know where to
position shots because they can see an entire scene, including digital assets, in their
viewfinder while filming – synchronized by timecode across multiple cameras. Actors can
animate digital characters using just an iPhone – no cumbersome gear is needed. By
removing the guesswork, ViewScreen Studio improves the creative process and lets everyone
feel confident that the right shots are being captured during production.

ViewScreen Scout
ViewScreen Scout lets you pre-visualize scenes, virtually walk through sets, block movement,
visualize lighting and more before filming begins. With ViewScreen Scout, the crew can
collaborate through shared rooms. For example, while an assistant director is on location
scouting, a lighting designer can join a shared room remotely and adjust the lighting. The
ability to visualize and animate digital assets and VFX in situ and react directly to what you
see on your iPhone means getting the right shot in fewer takes.

ViewScreen Studio is compatible with the latest macOS (Sonoma) and Windows 11. It can
be used with any cinema camera. ViewScreen Scout runs on iOS devices including any
iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and higher or any iPad Pro M1 and higher.

Availability & Pricing
The ViewScreen suite of tools, ViewScreen Studio and ViewScreen Scout, are available today
for use on film and TV productions in North America (US and Canada). ViewScreen Scout is
included with ViewScreen Studio and can also be purchased separately. Pricing for
ViewScreen varies based on the requirements and complexity of the production.

Gabriel Mays

AbelCine Director of Rental
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