The TD-R230S from SWIT is a 48V Light Stand Power Adapter for powering high draw cine lights up to 750W, suitable for powering cine lights such as Creamsources Vortex 8, ARRI Skypanel S60/S120, ARRI Orbitor, Aputure Nova P600C, etc. It is compact and convenient for moving the cine lights onsite.

It also features 2-channel battery adapters, with 1× 48V Reg. 3-pin XLR and 1× 22-33.6V Neutrik SpeakON power out. The max outputs can reach 750W on each channel and 1000W in total. With Adjustable mounting jaw design, it is compatible with the most brands of lighting stands from 25-45mm. Welcome to see it at booth# 28 or visit for more details.