The Electrix Pro Blue 1.2 kWh Power System, available in 26v or 48v, fills the gaps between small and large batteries. The batteries are lightweight with a high capacity which takes reliable, silent power to the next level of portable versatility. The system uses separate components in order to facilitate battery charging. This means that you can operate a battery while simultaneously charging a separate battery, to allow for continuous operation. The battery features multiple DC connection options including both fixed and precision digital programmable voltages adjustable from 3v to battery voltage on the XLR4 outputs, plus additional AC utility with our 1000W pure sine wave inverter. The fast charging times of 2.6 hours or 1.5 hours, with the optional high speed 30A charger, ensure your portable power is always ready for action. This system is ideal for use with lighting, cameras, cranes, and remote heads.