Venus Optics today announced 28mm and 100mm Proteus T2 2X Anamorphic Lenses, the widest and most tele focal length for the Laowa Proteus Series. The new 28mm has a horizontal angle of view of 85.6° and the distortion is well-controlled across the frame, while the new 100mm has the most dramatic depth of field and delivers mesmerizing oval bokeh from the center to the edge of the scene. With the new additional focal lengths, cinematographers can utilize all 6 high-performance prime lenses from the set to capture a wider scale of cinematic scenes and enjoy the versatility of framing.

Partnering with Keslow LA and Aputure US, Laowa has released a short film “Seek & Hide” shot by Armando Salas, ASC with the entire Laowa Proteus 2X anamorphic Series. Directed by Antonio Negret, Antonio and Armando demonstrated the full character of the Proteus lenses.

“The image characteristics were consistent across the set and I could shoot into bright sources while maintaining good contrast,” said Armando Salas, ASC, the Director of Photography of Ozark and Griselda. “This allowed my lighting to dictate the overall characteristics of the image without fighting the lens.”

The whole set of Proteus will be demonstrated at the Laowa Cinegear booth #729.

Now Laowa is offering an exclusive discount of 10% starting from the first day of the Expo (7th June) to 14th June for all the products on the Laowa Cine website, except the Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Series and the 28 and 100mm Proteus lenses. Customers can redeem the discount online with the promo code “cinegear24”.

Extensive 6-lens Set
Laowa Proteus 2X anamorphic series comprises 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, 85mm and 100mm, 6 focal lengths in total with a universal T2 aperture and constant 2X squeeze.

Pleasant Image Quality and CA
Proteus series delivers a pleasant image quality and control over chromatic aberration, even at wide-open apertures. It prevents distracting color fringing and preserves the integrity of the image.

Minimal Distortion
The lens distortion on the 28mm is maintained to the minimum, ensuring that every frame remains true to the scene’s natural proportions.

Organic Falloff with Waterfall Oval Bokeh
Thanks to the sharpness and contrast, the Proteus renders organic focus roll-off, a desirable anamorphic look, especially with human faces. The lenses also produce delicious bokeh from edge to edge.

Low Focus Breathing
The Proteus lenses have a very subtle lens breathing even when performing long focus racks. It supports cinematographers in creating a smooth focus-shifting scene without distracting changes in frame.

3 Flare Color Options
Laowa Proteus comes in amber, blue and silver flare color options, providing versatile usage to match the genres of the films. Silver flare is the subtler flare option for a different preference, it could also reflect the color of the light source to the flare color.

Flat Field of View
All Proteus lenses deliver consistent sharpness and clarity across the entire frame. Without the focus curvature and the “cat-eye” effect on the focal plane, DPs can enjoy a carefree framing experience.

Pricing & Availability
Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series is currently available to purchase via Venus Optics official website ( and authorized resellers.

Product Page
Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series:

Product Video
“Seek & Hide” by Armando Salas, ASC:
Behind the Scenes: “Seek & Hide” by Armando Salas, ASC:


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