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Having been part of the Entertainment Lighting industry for over a decade, LumenRadio has developed the next generation with a focus on the increasing needs of industry professionals. With the improved feature set and radio design, the next generation meets the demands from the industry in regards to both universes and features without compromising on reliability or range. Powered by LumenRadio’s trusted and reliable CRMX™ technology, the next generation from LumenRadio
increases the flexibility and sets a new standard for Wireless DMX with three new indoor units; Stardust, Aurora, and Luna. Introducing an unprecedented feature set that enables creativity never seen before, the next generation from LumenRadio pushes the limits of what’s possible to meet the requirements of the industry.

“Twelve years after the release of our first CRMX products, it is now time to present the next generation of Wireless DMX. In collaboration with industry professionals, we will now deliver products for the professionals pushing the envelope of what’s possible, setting a completely new standard for Wireless DMX,” explains Niclas Norlén, CTO and Founder of LumenRadio.

To meet the different types of needs the next generation consists of three indoor units that will be shipping in December 2021. Stardust is an eight universe CRMX transmitter featuring Ethernet and WiFi with a web portal and color screen for operation. Aurora is a single universe flex unit with WiFi and color screen while Luna is a single universe flex unit with a push button interface. All units have a Bluetooth interface and can be equipped with V-mount battery, rack- and wall mounts.

“We are proud to present the next generation of Wireless DMX with three new products that will respond to the demands of the most advanced users. With the next generation, we have pushed the limits of what is possible, without compromising on reliability or range,” Comments Michael Karlsson, Product Development Manager.

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